Russia's Golden Age to start in 2013, Russian Nostradamus said

The end of 2012 marks the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age in Russia. This was predicted more than a hundred years ago by tsarist general and ethnographer Valentin Moshkov. Practically all of his gloomy predictions about the Iron Age have come true. Time will show whether his positive predictions are going to come true or not.

A remarkable book was published in the beginning of the last century, in Warsaw - "A New Theory of the Origin of Man and His Degeneration, Based on the Data from Zoology, Geology, Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology, History and Statistics." The author of the book, Valentin Moshkov, was a unique person in his own way.

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Coming from a noble family, he had a successful career in the military and retired as a lieutenant general. Together with the military service, he was interested in completely different things. In particular, whenever he served, he studied local people's way of life, language, folklore, traditional medicine and even music. In particular, he became the first student of the history and culture of the Gagauz people living in Moldova.

His membership in the Russian Geographical Society was justified. He coordinated the Society of Archaeology, History and Ethnography at the Imperial University of Kazan.

It is clear that the reference to several sciences in the title of the main work of his life is no accident. Another Russian scientist, Doctor of Sciences Gennady Aiplatov, returned Valentin Moshkov back from historical oblivion. He had found the works of the general in the archives, although, according to the researcher, it was very difficult. None the less, during the late 1980s, Gennady Aiplatov published his first article about the undeservedly forgotten Russian officer and researchers.

Afterwards, contemporaries learned that in his book, "A New Theory of the Origin of Man and His Degeneracy," Valentin Moshkov predicted the basic course of events in Russian history right up to 2062.

According to Moshkov's theory, the history of nations develops in a cycle of 400 years. Every age in this cycle has its own name: gold, silver, copper, iron. The first 200 years of the cycle is a period of development and rise. The state grows, the people prosper. The next 200 years is a period of decline. Every age, regardless of the name, also has its periods. The first 50 years - the decline, the second - the rise. But there is no rise in the Iron Age, which can be seen from the name of it.

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Interestingly, the rise-decline cycles are not the same with each class or caste of the society. Valentin Moshkov believed that "the higher position a class takes in the state, the earlier it begins to either rise or decline." For example, in his system, peasantry or common people are 115 years behind intelligentsia.

Moshkov counted Russia's history from the year 812, when the Kievan Rus was established. Thus, from 1612, Russia stepped into another cycle of development, which ends in 2012.

Awaiting for the darkest period of the historical cycle, Moshkov wrote: "In two years, that is, in 1912, we are entering the age of iron, and our common people will live out their silver age till 1927."

Afterwards, the author predicts a constant rise in the price of all essential goods, especially food, the collapse of the financial system and growing debts of the population. He wrote that industrial and commercial facilities would stop their activities and go bankrupt before they were handed over to the hands of foreign owners.

Meanwhile, people would be dying of hunger and diseases, which would lead to massive rebellions. "Hungry peasants, driven to despair neither by the government, as we now think, nor by certain people, but by the fatal process of degeneration, will seek alleged perpetrators of their misfortune and will find them in the government, wealthy classes and the Jews in the western region," the visionary warned.

Provinces, inhabited by foreigners, will raise rebellions, while foreigners will take advantage of it and try to take away a part of the territory from Russia. However, even without the "help" from foreigners, the Russian nation will continue its moral, mental and physical decline.

"All attempts to stop the growing darkness, ignorance, crime, alcoholism, suicide, corruption, poverty and other natural signs of decline will also be pathetic and futile, just like the attempts of African savages to stop the eclipse of the Moon," - wrote Valentin Moshkov.

After 1977, he foresaw the following picture: "The government and the ruling class will have a lot of money, they will be carried away with the hurricane of insane luxury and extravagance. Between 2000 and 2012 one should expect absolute anarchy, which will end the historical cycle."

In general, describing the decline in the Iron Age, the scientist was incredibly perspicacious: "Its essence lies in the gradual weakening of all ties that bind together all members of the state, and in its attempt to decompose into constituent elements."

The scientist foresaw the weakening of people's love to their own country, their own country-fellows and even to family members. "Betrayal will reign in all its forms. The country will be sold in wholesale and retail, as long as there were buyers for it. The erstwhile love and sympathy between country-fellows are  replaced by hatred and general intolerance. Who can, they flee in all directions, while others are engaged in mutual extermination. "

Degradation affects all spheres. Art is dominated by "decadence and pornography", "students feel a sense of profound disgust for their teachers," " the pursuit of pleasure becomes the sole purpose of life for many."

Most importantly, the researcher was convinced that no decline could last forever. The first signs of recovery appear at the time of its peak.

What awaits Russia in the Golden Age?

"The enmity between people will disappear. It will be replaced with acceptance, love, friendship and respect. Parties will no longer have any meaning and therefore cease to exist. Riots, rebellions and revolutions will become legends."

Industries, science and agriculture will prosper. Most importantly, officials will become honest, because they, like all other people, will be devoted to their country.

However, there is a downside, as always. Each new cycle begins with the age of decline. So the real flourishing "according to Moshkov" is to occur as early as in 2062 or later.

Svetlana Smetanina


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov