Russia's genetic and beam weapons scare the West

There is a secret aspect in the plans of the Russian government to rearm the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation before 2020. The Defense Ministry and the country's administration have disclosed the volume of funds to be transferred on the 'accounts' of various types of troops. However, it appears that nearly four trillion rubles will be spent either on infrastructure or the development of a secret weapon. The news of Russia's plans to create new super weapons have already created a stir in the Western media.

President Putin said that the program to rearm the Russian Armed Forces before 2020 would be funded with 20.7 trillion rubles. 2.6 trillion of the amount will be wired to ground and airborne troops. Putin said last year that 4.7 trillion rubles would be spent on the modernization of the Russian Navy. As many as 15-20% of the state defense order is planned to be spent on space (for military purposes), which is nearly four trillion. The same amount will be transferred for the Air Force.

Thus, rearming all types of the Russian Armed Forces, save for Strategic Missile Forces, will require 15.6 trillion rubles. This amount has been announced officially. The spending on the Missile Forces is not to be exposed, Defense Ministry officials said, the Vedomosti newspaper wrote. Therefore, there are 4.1 trillion rubles left from 20.7 trillion, the publication said.

The difference in the amount is perhaps meant for the infrastructure - the construction of berths, test grounds, airdromes, missile silos, etc. An officer from the Defense Ministry said that the trillions would be spent outside the Armed Forces. It goes about communication and control systems, logistic means and so on.

It is also possible that the excessive amount is meant for secret programs. Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said at the end of March that Russia was developing a program of non-lethal weapons - beam, genetic, psychophysical and wave weapons. The weapons are to appear before 2020.

"Defense opportunities of countries in space, in the field of information confrontation - in cyberspace, first and foremost - will be of decisive significance in defining the character of the military struggle.  In a longer term, new weapons may be created on the base of new physical principles (beam, geophysical, wave, genetic and psychophysical)," Vladimir Putin wrote in one of his pre-election articles that were published in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The subject was raised again at a session of the then prime minister with the ministers. Officials with several Western countries expressed serious concerns in this connection. US officials were concerned about Russia's possible development of genetic weapons. Like any biological weapon, genetic weapons are banned in accordance with the International Convention from 1972.

British and Australian reporters paid attention to the electromagnetic weapons. They wrote numerous articles on the subject and illustrated them with pictures of zombies and lasers. Here is a headline from The Daily Mail (UK) from March 2012: "Putin targets foes with zombie gun which attack victims' central nervous system."

If Russia continues to develop new kinds of weapons, the country may come closer to obtaining the world reign. Experts do not even doubt that such weapons will be created sooner or later. The modern technological progress makes most unbelievable ideas real very quickly. Mankind has already reached the point, when some new "absolute weapon" lets its creator win absolute predominance over all other states, Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis wrote.

As for the "absolute weapon," it goes about the systems that could, for example, cause natural disasters. This is tectonic (geophysical) and climatic weapon. Reportedly, scientists have been developing such weapons for a long time already. Rumor has it that the new weapons have even been tested. For example, in the summer of 2010, when the European part of Russia was suffocating from anomalous heat, smog and wildfires, it was rumored that it was the Americans who tested the climatic weapons and caused the disaster.

Combat lasers can also be a super weapon that can make its owner the most powerful superpower of all. Long-range lasers will remain a part of science fiction for a long time, though. For the time being, it is extremely hard to design a compact source of energy that may give destructive power to a laser. In addition, the effectiveness of optical range laser weapons strongly depends on the state of the atmosphere, which creates the intractable problem of beam dispersion.

The weapons created on the base of nanotechnologies can also become a prospective type of new super weapon. Experts say that it could be some autonomous nanorobots that can either penetrate into the human body or destroy military hardware. If they are ever created, it will be impossible to struggle with them. It will also be impossible to determine who conducted the attack and when.

As for the biological weapons, there are chances to avoid international prohibitions for its creation and distribution. It will be possible if people create special bacteria that do not kill humans, but destroy liquid and solid fuel. The US has already conducted experiments to create such bacteria.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov