Russian gays to join opposition movement

The organizers of the "March of the Millions" do not mind adding rainbow colors (sexual minorities) to white that became the color of the Russian opposition movement. The "March of the Millions" is to take place in Russia on May 6th.

One of the "organizers" of the opposition event, Sergei Davidis, stated that "sexual minorities must become an organic part of the general requirement for the radical re-organization of our country."

A little bit earlier, Davidis said in an interview with Dozhd TV Channel that there would not be millions of people marching to express their protest against Putin's regime. "There won't be millions - it's a fact, but many people will come," he said.

Now it seems that we can understand what kind of a secret weapon Russian opposition activists were talking about. One minority has already joined the other one before. For example, groups of the Russian LGBT community joined a small column of opposition protesters during the May 1st parade in St. Petersburg.

However, in accordance with the new law of St. Petersburg, which prohibits any public actions that propagandize homosexual activities, the police arrested ten gay activists. The arrest halted the whole action. The protesters immediately demanded: the detained people be released and put in the vanguard of the column. Strangely enough, many opposition activists, including Yabloko Party deputy Maksim Reznik, decorated themselves with rainbow ribbons.

It appears that the individuals with an untraditional orientation and those protesting against the Kremlin regime find their cooperation mutually beneficial and natural. Neither of them enjoy the "bloody regime" which prohibits them to walk where they want to. As they say - my enemy's enemy is my friend.

In addition, the long-run objectives of the two "movements" coincide too. Both the gay and the opposition communities stand for the "radical reorganization of Russia."

Here is what the Diary of a Russian Gay says: "On May 6th, 2012, the free citizens of the country will come to the "March of the Millions" to stand up for their country and their Freedom. LGBT people today are one of the most active fighters for the future of our common nation," a blogger wrote.

Indeed, it is hard to say that the "LGBT people are passive. They are so active that they can "overbrand" any event in which they participate. They prefer to flirt a little, though. "It seems to me that the representatives of sexual minorities do not defend their rights strong enough. It is necessary to hold a march of millions of gays instead of a common opposition action in Moscow to make the government and the church administration shudder," another blogger wrote.

We'd risk to assume that the march of millions of gays will make many people shudder in Russia - not just the government and the church. This is not a matter of homophobia here at all.

The notion of 'phobia' originates from the Greek 'phobos' which means fear. In Russia, majorities do not fear minorities. Moreover, majorities may even sympathize with them, as they do with other people who have certain "abnormalities."

The thing is that the supporters of same-sex relations do their best to make everyone believe that their "abnormality is normal." This looks like a story by Herbert Wells, in which the main character finds himself in the country of the blind, and where the inhabitants of that country try to remove his eyes just because they find them strange.

We all can see (thank God) and we sincerely sympathize with those who can't enjoy this luxury. The latter, by the way, do not even try to organize some sort of "parades" to demand some exclusive rights and privileges. Quite on the contrary - we try to help those people to make their life easier.

As for the church, there are other religions in Russia that have absolutely different views on the events that take place in the country. However, the "aggressively disobedient minority" use their eloquent slogans and ignore all opinions that come into contrast with theirs. It is impossible to swim against the stream all the time.

Mikhail Sinelnikov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov