Putin Praised: Russian Superman

Putin Praised: Russian Superman

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has received a glowing accolade by one of the USA’s most fashionable writers. Dubbed "Russia’s Superman" the article calls Vladimir Putin "The face of New Russia" and "man of the decade", "Russia’s answer to John Wayne".

True it is. Vladimir Putin, without wishing to write any political diatribes, is the right man in the right place at the right time. A patriot, competent and efficient, he epitomizes everything that is good about Russia today. And this has not gone unnoticed in the United States of America.

Terrence Aym, US-based analyst and writer, in his article "Why Vladimir Putin is a Russian Superman" * declares that Vladimir Putin is "Russia’s answer to America’s John Wayne and Ronald Reagan", adding that he is "a hands-on, can do leader that can look death in the face or attend a state dinner with the same unflinching resolve".

"He is a man who can and will win for Mother Russia and the people know it". This rhetoric does not come from United Russia, nor does it come from those of us who work with Russia and admire V V. It comes from the US writer Terrence Aym.

In the same piece, Aym describes Putin as "Renaissance Russian", "a suave Bond hero" and remembers that "Putin was calmly standing up to a marauding Siberian Amur tiger…while a film crew around him fled screaming".

The piece exudes confidence in a world leader, whose aura transcends Mother Russia and touches the hearts and minds of men and women across the globe…and remembers the detail that inside Russia, Putin has a 74% approval rating.

Action Man

This American writer has done his research: he remembers the Tiger incident, his interacting with huge bears in Kamchatka, shooting darts into giant Humpback Whales in the Sea of Japan, co-piloting a Be-200 amphibious fire-fighting aircraft. Hardly surprising, then, the quotation from Aleksei Mukhin, director of the Moscow-based Center for Political Information: "Russians feel reassured to have such a leader and they miss Putin as President. You can see it in their eyes".

"It’s obvious the man gets an adrenalin rush from such forays into danger and has the wherewithal to master them through supreme self-assurance and knowing his own personal limitations".

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* Terrence Aym




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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya