Russia's Liberal Oppositionists Madly in Love with Putin

Russia's "liberal" opposition has been repeating the name of the Russian prime minister for weeks already. Is there any explanation to that? Who is guilty of the forest fires? Putin . Who is guilty of the poor harvest ? Putin . Who is guilty of the smog that shrouded Moscow and several other Russian cities ? Putin in the first place, and then local officials. It seems that Putin is guilty of the anomalous heat wave too.

The Russian "non-system" opposition acts like a passionate woman who can only think about the object of her admiration. She can not think about the constitution, the laws and the tactics of her actions. Just think about it: "non-system" Russian liberals have not elaborated any program throughout their existence.

All they can think about is Putin.

The story is a moth-eaten one. Putin created the "KGB regime," he dissolved "independent television," he "introduced censorship," "destroyed the economy," "gave rise to corruption," "exacerbated the crisis" and "took incorrect measures to overcome its consequences." Before all that, he "misplaced the assets of the stabilization fund" and was "working on his third term in the office."

The list of Putin's sins is a long one indeed. It continues with his efforts to "unleash the Chechen war" and "explode apartment buildings," which someone supposedly orchestrated either for Putin's profit or Putin organized them himself, or he failed to prevent those acts of terrorism - oppositionists differ in their opinions here.

Perhaps, it is hard to find something in Russia, where Putin could be referred to as an innocent man, as "liberals" believe. Hardly had Putin arrived in a burnt village, when it became known that he "abolished the institute of foresters and the forest aviation," which made him responsible for the settlements destroyed in the fire.

Hardly had Putin boarded the BE-200 water bomber, when the head of the government was accused of making "publicity stunts " against the background of the national tragedy. Why is it so?

Russia Today: Putin douses deadly fires

Here is the answer, we quote: "An unauthorized person gained access to the cockpit of the plane. Mr. Putin V.V. does not have any certificates, permissions or licenses. Why do they let anyone at the wheel ?"

It turns out that "Putin's flight at least violated the Administration Offences Code" - aircraft handling by uncertified individual. "Kind-hearted oppositionists" hope that Putin will not go in for surgery "and will not start performing heart surgeries with photographers flashing their cameras around," they wrote.

There is definitely something about such close attention to the prime minister on the part of the "liberal opposition." There is some painful obsession about it that looks like paranoia. When someone says on the level as high as a political program that reforms in the country can be possible only after the prime minister's resignation - it testifies to the loss of the rational thinking of those who say it. Let's just assume that Putin steps down - his team remains. The country has the president and the party, United Russia, and it has a clear direction for its development.

To be perfectly frank, the "non-system opposition" would suffer most from Putin's sudden resignation. It will lose its only slogan for which it now exists.

This theatrical dislike and fault-finding is just a cover up to completely different feelings. This is a childish level of behavior - when boys pull girls' hair to get their attention. But what can we do if we have such opposition?

Anton Ponomarev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov