Russia Turns Its Back on Iran

The G-20 summit, which finished working last week in the USA, has most likely become the top event of this autumn. The summit did not highlight the crisis and world economic problems but paid most attention to the Iranian nuclear program. US and French presidents, as well as the British Prime Minister, stated that Iran had been conducting the secret construction of the uranium enrichment plant on the outskirts of the town of Qum.

The members of the summit condemned Iran’s actions. Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev joined the traditional choir of the critics.

“The construction of the plant contradicts to the requirements of the UN Security Council,” the Russian president said.

The change of Russia’s stance on Iran’s nuclear programs could be seen on September 23 during Medvedev’s meeting with Obama in New York. Medvedev stated after the meeting with his American counterpart that Russia could support sanctions against Iran.

Many experts say that Russia is turning its back on Iran following the USA’s recent decision to shelve the missile defense plans. Indeed, it looks like the USA and Russia have come to the deal at this point. At the same time, this deal, if it ever happened, is very good for Russia. It is obvious that it is much better for Russia to cooperate with Western countries now rather than with Iran.

Iran has been irritating not only the West but the Arab East as well. The irritation will continue to grow as long as Iran continues to intensify its nuclear activities. Russia does not have to support this bellicose rogue state even for the sake of its own interests in the region.

As for Russia’s commercial interests, Russian specialists have already completed most of their works on Iran’s nuclear objects, the nuclear power plant in Bushehr, first and foremost. Russia’s deliveries of missile weapons to Iran do not seem to be possible for the above-mentioned political reasons. All of that means that Russia will not be able to receive any profit from the economic cooperation with Iran.

Obviously, Moscow’s support of UN’s sanctions against Iran will not show any influence on the result of the sanctions. Moreover, such actions will not affect the nuclear program per se since most of its objects have already been built. Therefore, the fate of the Iranian nuclear program will not change whether Russia supports the UN sanctions or not.

Russia ’s possible decision not to support the Islamic Republic of Iran may lead to negative consequences for this country. This aspect is extremely important for Russia as well . Russia has not won any strategic profit from its cooperation with Teheran. Furthermore, Iran as a strong nation is a serious problem for Russia in terms of the issues related to the oil reserves of the Caspian Sea.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov