Al Jazeera’s 9/11 present to America - 6 September, 2002

Qatar television Al-Jazeera is going to make another sensation. Less than a week before the tragic anniversary of the 9/11attacks, the Arab television informed it would broadcast interviews with two al-Qaeda terrorists who are currently taking shelter on the Pakistani territory.

These are Ramzi bin al-Shaibah and Khaled al-Sheikh Mohammad. The former is a Yemen native, currently one of al-Qaeda leaders. Very likely that he participated in preparation for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At least, this is the opinion of US special services, and the terrorist himself doesn’t deny the information. Khaled al-Sheikh Mohammad is a rather remarkable personality, however there is little information about him. The terrorist is a 37-year-old citizen of Pakistan. He got education in Europe, however got back home after graduation and joined al-Qaeda. The FBI included him into a list of most dangerous terrorists of the world, reward for information about his whereabouts is established at the rate of $25 million.

So, as we see now, it will not take a long time to find the terrorists: they are both on the Pakistani territory. Al Jazeera doesn’t mention the exact place where the terrorists gave the interview. It is strange that until recently the Pakistani authorities assured that no al-Qaeda leaders could be present on the Pakistani territory. As it turned out, they are perfectly happy there.

The reaction of Washington to the information is rather predictable. The White House is likely to demand once again that Pakistan should intensify searches for the terrorists. It is not clear yet whether the measure will be effective. A year has already passed since the names of the terrorists were announced and awards estimated, however, no considerable results have been achieved yet.

Vasily Bubnov

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Author`s name Michael Simpson