The last hours of peace - 4 September, 2002

The military planning for America's war against Iraq is entering its final stages. <i><b>Reuters</b></i> received information  from reliable (yet, anonymous) sources in the commercial fleet. It was said that the Pentagon had chartered a large cargo ship. The ship is  to carry tanks and other defense technology from the southeastern coast of the USA to the Mideast.

It was also reported that the chartered ships point of destination  is one  of the ports of the Persian Gulf. The goal of the whole operation is allegedly  preparation for a strike on Iraq.

The name of the ship has not been  reported. However, a Reuters correspondent managed to get hold of a copy of the contract that was concluded  between the American government  and an unknown agency of a private American shipping company.

It was stipulated in the contract that the ship is supposed complete its voyage by the end of September. The ship is supposed to transport 67 units of unregistered cargo. The cargo includes containers and “moving objects.” The total area that was requisite for the military fright made up 5200 square meters. This is slightly larger than a soccer field.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess what cargo exactly is going to be loaded  on board that ship. Those who predicted the beginning of another Desert Storm by the anniversary of September 11 attacks were right.

This means that autumn will be a not season this year. I wonder what America is doing. All of its allies turned away from it, except for Israel and Great Britain. In  addition, the American people are divided in their opinions of a new war in the Persian Gulf.

The number of Americans who support another war against Iraq has recently decreased significantly over the last month. <i><b>ABC</b></i>  conducted an opinion poll that showed that the idea of the war is supported by 56% of Americans. This is the lowest level since the moment when Washington launched its anti-terrorist campaign. This figure was 69% at the beginning of August.

According to the results of the poll, only 39% of Americans would approve a military attack on Iraq, even if the USA’s allies denounced it. This index was 54% a month ago. However, these figures do not convince the American administration, as they keep insisting on war, the final goal of which is to replace the Iraqi regime. Donald Rumsfeld said do.

Dmitry Chirkin

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Author`s name Olga Savka