Wish happiness to others, and you will be healthy - 4 September, 2002

Now, he works as a common economic engineer.  The reason for such a major transformation (from a healer to an engineer) is simple.  He is unable to treat people for money.

A man (a doctor by profession) became a disabled person. Post-infection encephalitis was diagnosed. A healer from Severodvinsk was worked with him for  four months.  The treatment started in February and, by summer, the man was sailing on his yacht at sea.

The healer’s name is Sergey Gagarin.  He has bioenergetic therapist diploma. The diploma was awarded to Gagarin by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1990. Now, he is employed at the military and ship-building company Sevmash Enterprise.  He doesn't treat or even consult anyone now. We decided to ask him why.

- Let’s  define categories first. Extrasensory individual implies extra sensitivity: a person, whose range of  perception is beyond normal.  Yet, there is no norm as it is.  As a matter of fact, all people can be called extrasensory individuals, since the sensual organs are developed in different ways. A healer is another issue.  The goal of a healer is not to treat, but to heal a person: to restore the integrity and harmony of the body and soul. A healer can use both traditional and unusual methods. Unconventional  medicine was only 50% recognized at the end of the 1980s. The Academy of Sciences of the USSR dared to conduct serious research in the field. They invited several people to Moscow (I was one of them). Then, they tested us.  This was the first time when official science acknowledged the existence of unconventional medicine. They granted diplomas to us and put us through a course of lectures for medical employees.

- <b>They say there are people who are like vampires, who can suck energy out of people. What is it all about?</b>

- Energy is actually neutral. It cannot be either kind or angry. It is like a weapon in the hands of a human being. Everything depends on how you use it and what ideas you have. When a person falls ill, the energy exchange in human organs becomes unbalanced. If relatives or close people take care of a sick person, there is energetic nourishment in it. A patient recovers quicker. Every person has self-treatment abilities. For example, if you hurt your arm or leg, you always try to touch the hurt place and stroke it. If a child feels pain, he or she runs to parents for their care and consolation.

- <b>You are the teacher of several academicians of people’s medicine. They are widely known in the country today. Yet, you do not do any practice now. What stops you from earning good money?</b>

- I think that if you are devoted to gaining profit, then you will think less about your patient and his or her sufferings. There will be another goal: money.

- <b>But there are people coming to you, asking for your help. We found out your address with the help of one of your former patients.</b>

- Yes, it’s true. People come to me from St.Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, and other cities of Russia. I worked with a German woman once, she made me a letter of invitation to Germany. However, I do not always have the opportunity to help.  People are very nervous right now; they have so many problems, and they are so filled with anger and hatred. All of this enters the environment around us. That is why I am trying not to practice. It has been scientifically proven that human thought is tangible. There is a Russian proverb: “The healthy body contains healthy spirit.” It can also be formulated as “a healthy spirit takes care of health.” If you try to live with an idea like “be happy, people,” then it will help protect you.

Andrey Mikhailov

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Author`s name Olga Savka