Tropical typhoon Rusa reaches Kamchatka coast - 3 September, 2002

The tropical typhoon Rusa, which has already transformed into the category of cyclones, has entered the Sea of Okhotsk and reached the coasts of Kamchatka (a peninsula in the extreme North-West of the Far Eastern region), the correspondent was told in the hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring department of the Kamchatka Region.

At present strong rains are pouring over the Western areas of Kamchatka and the South-East of the peninsula. The wind keeps growing, with its velocity reaching 15-20 m/sec. The cyclone will continue to affect the central parts of Kamchatka and the western districts of the peninsula until Thursday.

Weather forecasters do not expect the Sinlaki and Ele typhoons to hit the area shortly. They are developing over the Pacific Ocean and are moving in the northward direction along the Pacific coast of Asia.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin