Adam and Eve spoke the Kyrgyz language?

This year was declared a year of the state system in Kyrgyzstan. This is connected with ever increasing interests of the Kyrgyz population to the national history. People oftener think about the course of the state formation, and how national originality of the people was preserved at that. Scientific researches revealed, state system of Kyrgyzstan traces its roots  back to the ancient times. According to scientists, evidence was found to prove that the first state had been founded by the Kyrgyz people 2200 years ago. Moreover, a version appeared that the Kyrgyz language is to be considered the oldest on the planet.

The hypothesis was published in a local Kyrgyz newspaper, authors of the version substantiate it with quite a logical chain of proofs. It has been already scientifically proved that the Turkic languages (Kyrgyz, Turkish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Uigur and others) go back to the most ancient language of the planet, the language of Shumers. According to the Bible, this was the only  language for the people to speak in the Garden of Eden and in the first centuries after the Fall. It lasted till the Creator gave each people its own language as a punishment for an attempt to build a very high tower in Babylon.

Young philologist Sapar Narkeyev not only agrees that the Shumer and Turkic are similar languages, he thinks that not only the language of the Kyrgyz ancestry is one of the most ancient languages. With reference to academician Vasily Bartold he says, Shumers are what we currently mean the Kyrgyz people. Consequently, the Garden of Eden could be situated on the Issyk-Kyl lake shores.

Nature of this abundant land suited perfectly well for the God to pick out where to settle people. Unfortunately, there are no other evidences and proofs of this version. Probably, it is only the desire of scientists from the young country that restored its ancient state systems 11 years ago to assert priorities of its own and its position in the world.

The same can be said about searches for the place where Apostle Matthew was born on the Issyk-Kyl lake shores. It was published, an American expedition headed by Russian operator Sergey Melnikoff (he names himself in an American manner) already discovered something in the shoaling water. However, outstanding scientists have made no official statements yet.

Probably, it is somewhat naive to bring the whole global state history to a small country of Kyrgyzstan. In any case, these patriotic impulses seem rather reasonable: sensational statements of this kind will probably make the national history more attractive for the younger population.

Yury Razgulyayev

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Author`s name Michael Simpson