Argentina: Hunger in the country of food

According to  latest estimations, Argentina annually produces enough food to feed 300 million people. However, more than half of its 34.5 million population, lives in poverty today. In addition to that, official figures show that 8.7 million Argentineans suffer from indigence trying to survive with less than one dollar a day.

The dramatic increase of the unemployment ratio, from 18.6 to 21.5% in less than one year, adds its shadow to the dark picture of the social situation. Hundreds of people make long lines in Buenos Aires, looking for a job. At night thousands of people dig in rubbish, trying to get something to eat or to sell.

In the poorest areas of the country, cases of malnutrition are being reported by the local press. Although, the National Government has implemented a universal social salary of less than $50 a month to challenge the indigence, no signs of improvement can be seen. On the contrary, each new research warns on the gradual aggravation of the social crisis unless a shocking change in the income distribution rules is impelled.

These figures are the most outstanding evidence of the country's recent history. They reflect a structural drama coming from years of perverse economical politics adopted by its both major parties and supported by the International Credit Institutions like the IMF. Neo-liberalism proved to be a disastrous medicine for the endemic economical problems of one of the richest countries in the world.     

As a consequence of the current scenario, the population has condemned the political class to its worst levels of popularity ever. The slogan "Everybody out", making reference to the politicians, is cried on each demonstration against the regime, which insists on seizing the remains of the power that was lost a long time ago.

Hernan Etchaleco

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Author`s name Olga Savka