A superman to be created in Russia

A concept of a super politician who is to operate on the world political scene is to be presented in St.Petersburg on August 28. Members of the International club of young politicians and experts Youth Embassy (St.Petersburg) assume responsibility for training politicians of this kind.

A special report of the International club is to be delivered on August 28. According to definitions given in the report, a super politician (superman) or a so-called integrator is a man with hyper-developed consciousness and intuition, who acts not on behalf of some particular state, but on behalf of himself and his personal intellect.

The report outlines objectives of the integrator rather vaguely. The super politician is to enter the political scene to “eliminate gaps” between economic, mythological, cultural and financial systems. Authors of the concept think, this is the only way to preserve the human culture, that is partially torn. PRAVDA.Ru got the text of the report that is to be delivered in St.Petersburg. However, the report doesn’t explain at all what are the methods for the integrator to eliminate the gaps. Particular details are to be introduced in the integrator’s model at a session of the International club’s organizational committee on August 28.

Ideologists say that senior pupils in Russian schools and first-year students are potential candidates to super-politicians. Selection should be done with complex tests. After that, ideologists plan “to create special conditions to start realization of programs, which in their turn are designed to reveal potentials of talented people, who are right for such political work.”

Idea of the super politician has already drawn attention of popular politicians. Vice-speaker of the Russian parliament Irina Khakamada and Chairman of the Committee for international affairs Mikhail Margelov are expected to participate in the session on August 28, these professional politicians will add finishing touches the portrait of a super-politician.

Svetlana Barsukova

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Author`s name Michael Simpson