Milla Jovovich promotes her new film in Moscow

Milla Jovovich visited Moscow to promote her latest film Vikrutasi, which translated from Russian as Tricksters


In "Tricksters", she paired together with Russian stars Konstantin Khabensky and Ivan Urgant.

During the press conference at the premiere, Milla said that she loved Russian nature, but she had no plans of moving to Russia

"If I live in Moscow for a month, I will become old very fast. they have parties here every night," she said

On the photo: Milla Jovovich and Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant told reporters that Milla loves eating. "She eats a lot, and she prefers Russian and Ukrainian cuisines," he said

Jovovich arrived in Moscow with her daughter. "My daughter speaks Russian. We watch Luntik [a very popular Russian cartoon] every day!" the actress said