Russia's armored vehicle BMP-3

The BMP-3 is a Russian infantry fighting vehicle which was first introduced in 1990. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Боевая Машина Пехоты, literally "Combat Vehicle of Infantry"

Photos by Vadim Savitsky,

The BMP-3, introduced in 1990, is a development of the BMP-1 and BMP-2. It is armed with a 100mm main gun, which can fire conventional HE-Frag shells or AT-10 Stabber ATGMs, a 30mm autocannon, and a 7.62mm machine gun, all mounted coaxially in the turret. There are also two 7.62mm bow machine guns

The BMP-3 is capable of engaging targets out to 4,000 meters, with its ATGM weapon system (with an approximately eighty percent probability of a hit at that range). For comparison, U.S. M1 Abrams main battle tank is capable of hitting a tank-sized target with a probability of fifty percent at 4,000 meters

Note however that missile based systems have a minimum range of about 100 metres, within which only gunfire can engage targets, and that the flight time to maximum range is twelve seconds