The Patrouille de France

In January 1964, the Patrouille de France’s flying of combat aircraft was dissolved because of budget restrictions.

However, the French Air Force Academy at Salon-de-Provence had, since 1937, already set up its own “show patrol” created from elements of the Etampes Patrol. The Air Force Academy Patrol, which was flying simultaneously with the Patrouille de France, was equipped with Fouga Magister aircraft in 1955.

Herein, the headquarters saw an opportunity to perpetuate the Patrouille de France.

By written message dated from 10th February 1964, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Pierre Messmer, declared: “I have the honour to inform you that this patrol will from now on be called the Patrouille de France.”

The Fouga Magister would delight the public for 13 years.