Bolivia: Nightmare scenario for Bush

Left-wing President would be hammer blow to Bush regime

Evo Morales is the name of the Bush regime's latest nightmare. The left-wing politician, who stands set to win the Presidential election in Bolivia, himself declared on Thursday in closing his campaign, that his election would be “a nightmare for the United States.”Bolivia map

Morales is the candidate for the Movement to Socialism Party, another answer from the people of Latin America against years of crypto-fascist oligarchic regimes supported by Washington, which has treated the continent like its back yard for decades. As the people of Latin America rise up and take their own destinies in their hands, voting in governments which are progressive and forward-looking, based on the rule of law and not the murderous military regimes favoured by the United States of America, the Bush regime sees a growing problem on its own doorstep.

Should Morales win Sunday's election – and he is ahead in the polls – he will be the first Indian indigenous President of his country. Morales' stance on legalizing the coca leaf has brought him into direct conflict with Washington, which expects the incoming government to honour the commitments made against illegal drugs.

However, the coca leaf is a natural product, used by the local population for thousands of years. It is chewed, eaten as a sweet and drunk as tea to combat altitude sickness. It is the transformation of the coca leaf into cocaine, often performed in factories inside the United States itself, which turns the leaf into cocaine.

On cocaine, Evo Morales is crystal clear: "We are betting against narco-trafficking, we want 'zero' cocaine but we say no to 'zero' coca."

The candidates will need a 50% vote to win outright on Sunday. Should nobody receive it, the new President will be chosen in January by the Congress, also elected on Sunday. Morales currently leads the opinion polls by five to eight percentage points, his candidate for Vice President, the prestigious political analyst Alvaro Garcнa Linera, bringing added value to his campaign.

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Author`s name Olga Savka