Modern-day slavery exists in the form of sex trafficking

My name is Ashley Powell and I am an American college student at Pima Community College is Tucson, AZ. I would like to write an opinion to the article written by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey titled Slavery Abolished 200 years ago?

I would have to say that when I first read the title I wasn’t surprised to see this written in the form of a question. I am not like the majority of Americans who believe that slavery has ended all over the world and that it ended the day that President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. I only in the past two years discovered the horrors of human trafficking or otherwise known as modern day sex trafficking.

I just think that it is outrageous for the world to continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on within the borders of many countries. Slavery didn’t end 200 years ago or even 140 years ago for the US. It does in fact still continue today but it is in the form of sex trafficking. It is our duty as a human population to bring this to an end and by writing articles that alter the world to these horrors is only the beginning. It took just two men to see the light that having slaves was wrong and immoral and with their courage and determination they helped to convince the world.

I don’t know if it is the fact that most of the people who are trafficked are not seen as slaves because it is hidden or because the world view of slaves is a man/woman forced to clean up after someone like Mammy in “Gone With The Wind”. Either way this must come to an end. Luckily though there are people who are producing movies to raise the airiness to the growing crime. Only a year ago Lifetime showed a movie titled “Human Trafficking” and it covered the issue of how young girls are bought and sold as sex slaves. From this movie I learned that human trafficking is in fact the second most common illegal crime in the world after drug trafficking. Once I learned this I was horrified. The world can no longer be blinded and ignorant.

Slavery hasn’t gone away. It is still here but because of technology these traffickers have found a new way of doing business but also because of technology the world is now able to see years sooner the horrific conditions these poor people are forced to deal with. We are in the year 2007 and we are supposed to have rights as humans and if we continue to believe that slavery was abolished 200 years ago then it will continue for another 200 years. This article is great because it is just another piece of literature letting the world know to this new and growing problem in to community as human beings.

Thank you.

Ashley Powell

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov