Freedom for Oliverio Medina

Spokesperson for FARC in Brazil jailed

Oliverio Medina, the spokesperson for FARC/EP in Brazil, is in  prison, awaiting extradition to Columbia, where his human rights are  guaranteed to be non-existent. His crime? He didn't commit one.

Many individuals and entities in Latin America are flocking to defend the cause of Oliverio Medina, a former priest who defends the social policies practiced by FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, People's Army), namely social mobility, social services and full rights for education and healthcare.

Oliverio Medina however is in prison in Brazil and is awaiting his extradition to Columbia, a country governed by a right-wing reactionary regime led by the Bush acolyte, Uribe.

The imprisonment of Oliverio Medina is against Brazilian law because he is married to a Brazilian woman, is father of a Brazilian child and has never committed any crime or infraction against the Brazilian state or people.

Oliverio Medina is legalized in Brazil and fulfills all the requirements that the state makes of him.

Why is he in prison? Because the USA and its main lackey, Columbia (since Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil want to have nothing to do with Washington's expansionist and neo-imperialist policy) are starting the sort of campaign that Bush has launched in Iraq.

This is the first step in a campaign to dominate Brazil and its resources. This is the crucial stage in the changing, or not, of the status quo in Latin America. Here is the point of equilibrium which Bush wants to break but which the citizens oppose.

The repressive organisms of the Columbian government do not respect human rights, they are connected to the drugs traffickers (narco-traficantes), they are connected with acts of torture.

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Author`s name Olga Savka