Is the USA a bully?

The article below is our response to the story written and submitted to by Amil Imani. Please read the original article before you proceed to our comments. Mr. Imani's story can be found here

Amil Imani fired off in all directions in his article yesterday, in which he included broadsides against Russia, yet he would do well to remember that his extremely vociferous opinion article was printed, freely, in a Russian publication,

The article printed in yesterday’s begins by complaining that closer to home, Chavez and Castro call the USA “the Big Bad Bully”. He forgot to mention Morales, Kirchner and practically every other political figure in Latin America, except perhaps the allegedly narco-trafficking regime of Uribe, President of Colombia, the country where journalists are murdered for disagreeing with the Government. Freedom and Democracy.

The author then goes on to attack the French in particular and then Europe in general for being anti-American, then a strange reference to Russia: “The Russians are just too happy to do all they can to pain us, in a perverse way of trying to cover their own misery”, passing round the globe blaming Islamism and ending up on the other side with the DPR Korea.

Wow! That means practically everyone. Amil Imani also forgot to mention the growing anti-Americanism in Africa, practically all the Islamic countries from Morocco to Indonesia and most of the Far East. For some reason it must be. I mean, if Washington’s policies were that popular, how come so many countries are complaining? Could it be something in the hamburger? Could it be something in the wind? Or could it be that Washington has historically, and especially under the Bush regime, practised murderous and inhumane policies aimed at controlling the world’s resources and putting the world’s wealth into the hands of the moneyed few who dictate Washington’s foreign policy and around whom the mechanism of government revolves?

So Amil Imani comes across as the playground bully, universally hated and ostracized, bawling his little eyes out because nobody will play with him.

The point is that most civilized and educated people do not hate the United States of America, nor do they hate American people. Most people have a laugh at the Simpsons and admire the ability of the American people to have a laugh at their own expense. Most of us admire the pools of excellence in US Universities and most of us know “normal” Americans who think the same way as the rest of us.

In fact it is difficult to find an American in Europe who supports the Bush regime, those who are not so ashamed of their country that they lie about being Canadian, of course. And it is this that the Bush regime has done to America and this is the reason why the world derides the regime, not the people it manipulated through fear.

Basically the world dislikes a regime which lies, uses blackmail, forgery, belligerence and bullying as tools of its foreign policy, which launches an illegal war in Iraq slaughtering thousands of civilians, and which had previously launched an absurd campaign against the Serbs in their own country just because they were fighting against Islamist terrorists aided and abetted by Washington. The Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves, wined and dined on Capitol Hill while the White House put on late-night exclusive live sex shows.

For Amil Imani to complain that the Islamists are the real bullies and not Washington is as risible as it is absurd. Who was behind the rise of militant Islamism, who was behind Osama bin Laden, who was behind the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, which transformed into the Taliban? Burkina Faso? Or the good ol’ US of A?

Amil Imani might begin to reshape his thinking by coming to the conclusion that to every action, there is a reaction and for every murderous policy launched by Washington, every evil, fascist dictatorship supported and armed to hold down and oppress its country’s people, for every civilian murdered, there will arise wave upon wave of sullen, seething hatred.

Amil Imani might learn to read the geo-political map and come to the conclusion that Islamism and Zionism feed off each other, that while Israel sits on lands it occupied, or stole, illegally, and refuses to budge, there will be a cause and with a cause comes a calling.

Washington’s illegal wars, its greed in trying to siphon off the world’s resources for its own gain and its unwavering support for the Zionist cause put it naturally on a pedestal to be hacked down.

The same way that the playground bully ends up alone, and in tears, complaining that nobody wants to play. Like Amil Imani.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey