Chavez blasts Bush

Venezuelan President denounces Bush plan for biodiesel and warns MERCOSUL not to repeat mistakes made by AFTA

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has appealed for MERCOSUL not to repeat mistakes if it does not wish to disappear, like the Andean Community of Nations (CAN). In an interview with the Argentinean station Canal 7, he declared that “Either we transform (MERCOSUL) or it will die like CAN died”. For Chavez, a new MERCOSUL has to be implemented, in which the mistakes made under the American Free Trade Area are not repeated.

Hugo Chavez defends the protection of the poorer members of MERCOSUL, Uruguay and Paraguay, by the larger and more powerful nations, Brazil and Argentina. The Venezuelan President claims that the products of the smaller nations should have their free circulation guaranteed which is not the case today.


Chavez denounced the US plan to create a biodiesel cartel in Latin America as a means “to substitute the production of food to sustain the American Way of Life”, because it will be necessary to sow 20 million hectares with corn to produce one million barrels of biodiesel. Chavez declared that “We are to produce food for the vehicles of the Lords in the North” which is unacceptable.

Rival tours

George Bush is in Latin America to push the biodiesel plan basically to limit the economic clout of Hugo Chavez’s oil and Evo Morales’ natural gas (Bolivia). However the core of Latin American people have already cast their vote: the millions of the continent’s poor, created to a large extent by the USA’s imperialist policies of supporting fascist and corrupt regimes, adore Hugo Chavez, who is visiting Argentina and Bolivia, while Bush’s tour includes Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico where

As usual, his presence is provoking massive and violent demonstrations wherever he has dared to step off an aircraft.

For some reason it must be.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey