The perversion of justice

Bush regime brings new wave of insecurity and negates centuries-old struggle for human rights

During the years in which the Socialist movements made giant strides towards creating conditions of social equality and mobility, in the case of Russia, taking a medieval society forward to the front line of development in two generations, the reactionary capitalist elitists sat quietly, waiting for their day to come.

After spending trillions of dollars trying to exhaust the Socialist model, which at the same time had to fight against coup d'etats, assassinations, blockades and acts of sabotage, these reactionary elements crawled out of the floorboards at the beginning of the new millennium, incarnated in the Bush regime.

Here we have a prime example of crypto-fascist neo-conservative, neo-colonialist, neo-imperialist, capitalist monetarist elitists who represent the controllers of wealth, the energy and arms lobbies which dictate Washington's policy. Welcome to the Bush regime, which willingly spends 200 billion dollars on its illegal act of slaughter in Iraq.

What are the tangible results of the Bush regime four years on? Firstly, the world is far less secure. The story that 9/11 was the pinnacle of international terrorism that had to be confronted at whatever expense dissipated into the quagmire of lies and mistruths which tried to link Saddam Hussein to the event in New York in the public eye and which reinforced the notion that the Bush regime can only stay in power by a manipulation of fear.

Secondly, the centuries-old struggle for human rights has been swept away, not only in Washington, but also in London. How many Republicans had serious misgivings about Iraq but were too afraid to speak in the aftermath of 9/11? If this rings a bell, how significant that we can seriously entertain the notion of a lack of freedom of speech in the United States of America.

Welcome to the Bush regime.

This disease has swept across the Atlantic to contaminate the UK, where a Brazilian immigrant was savagely murdered in cold blood just because he looked "Asian" (??) and thereafter a massive cover-up tried to hide the truth. It is this cover-up attempt which is so shocking to people who were brought up believing that if anyone could be trusted, it was the British police force and the British Prime Minister. In today's world, swept by the neo-con elitist winds from Washington, the Old Continent appears to be caught up in the same wave in which Machiavellian principles rule. The end justifies the means even if this breaks international law. Welcome to the Bush regime.

Thirdly and finally, the Bush regime is the death-knell for international law and justice. As plans are discussed for an eventual attack on Iran in the deepest recesses of the Pentagon, one wonders what lies will be spun this time around to create a casus belli. However, this cannot and must not happen. There can be no more acts of mass murder and there can be no more breaches of international law.

The United Nations Organization has a Charter which is binding on all nations which signed it and this includes the USA. If Washington is not prepared to follow the principles of international law, using the Security Council as a debate for discussion, then this lends weight to the notion "US out of UN; UN out of US".

It is time for Washington to come back into the international community, not stand aside isolated and arrogant, proudly alone and sullenly hated. It is time for Washington to take its decisions with its partners, practising active listening instead of riding roughshod over the members of the international community.

Whether or not the Bush regime has the intelligence to change its attitude remains to be seen. Certainly millions of people around the world today would agree that nothing that Washington does would be surprising. How telling a comment on the government of the country. Welcome to the Bush regime.

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Author`s name Olga Savka