Bullseye! US slaughters Kurdish troops

Precision attack by US military aircraft massacres 8 Kurdish soldiers (Al-Qaeda militants) and injures a further six

What is the difference between Collateral Damage and Friendly Fire? The first is an expression used when US military forces slaughter civilians and the second, when they slaughter allied soldiers. The common denominator: slaughter.

After devastating large swathes of Iraqi territory, after purposefully and wantonly destroying civilian infrastructures with military hardware, after dropping cluster bombs in residential areas, after blasting away the limbs and faces and lives and futures of innocent kids, now we have a precision attack against a concentration of Kurdish troops in Mossul, preparing to enter the fray in Baghdad, to sort out the mess created by George W. Bush.

While “peshmerga” in Kurdish means “willing to die”, certainly it was not in this way, an unannounced attack on a Kurdish watchtower, described by the US military as a raid against armed Al-Qaeda militants.

What the hell, they all have moustaches, eh?

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey