Bush’s Iraq

Let us have a look at the practical results of George W. Bush’s ridiculous foreign policy and his misguided, evil, sinister and criminal campaign in Iraq, where his armed forces committed war crimes by targeting civilian structures to hand out billionnaire rebuilding contracts to his cronies. Today, the Kurdish population in northern Iraq can thank George Bush for being at risk of having Sharia law imposed on them.

This is what happens when those who know not what they are doing start to meddle in complex issues outside their understanding – and in the case of George Bush, this is practically everything outside a cow’s backside, Condy Rice’s words of wisdom as she protected the USA as its worst NSA in its history and now as a nondescript Secretary of State (worse even than Powell the Liar) or the cryptic messages of Rumsfeld the Torturer, about Iraqi troops moving north in the south and south in the north.

The practical results of George Bush’s criminal, murderous and meddlesome policy in Iraq, for the Iraqi citizens he wished to free, are the fact that nobody dares to step outside their homes for fear of being killed. It is not enough to state that the Government is not killing the people – the fact remains that there used to be a State in Iraq and that State was removed. Therefore Bush and his minions and puppy-dogs are responsible for the utter chaos which has followed.

The practical results of this meddlesome and incompetent approach for the Iraqi Kurds are that, for the first time, they are fighting to keep Sharia Law out of the Constitution which will govern them. This is why a group of activists are fighting hard to keep Article 7 out of the Kurdistan regional constitution because, in the words of Houzan Mahmoud, coordinator of this campaign and representative of the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, “Article 7 of the proposed constitution for Kurdistan is an open threat to the rights and freedoms of the people” because it “stresses the identification of the majority of Kurdish people as Muslims, thus the fundamental tenets of Islamic Sharia law will be considered as one of the major sources for legislation making”.

“This campaign declares that such an article prepares the ground for forced Islamisation of law in Kurdistan in the future. This poses a grave threat. We consider it a major attack on the basic rights and liberties of the people of this region. In particular, it will have worrying consequences for the rights of women and for the space for secular and progressive opinion in Kurdistan to find a voice. We want to make the world aware of this threat and mobilise to counter it”, states Houzan Mahmoud, who concludes that “We have seen the consequences of Sharia law in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan”. For Houzan Mahmoud, “Religion is a private matter for the individual. It is a basic requirement of freedom of thought and expression that every individual must be able to practice any religion of their choice”.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey