Life is "ERROR!"

Dear Reader: As soon as you had read the title "Life is ERROR!", you must have doubted about the sense of this statement, n'est-ce pas? Well, it is hard work for me to show you some sort of a reality in life, you would not easily accept. But by the end of this report, you will know that the whole life, the whole planet, the whole reality you believe to know well, are ERROR!

Let's start:

- Bush has been elected by democracy? ERROR! Bush has been elected by the High Court in Washington because they stopped in the year 2000 the counting of votes in Florida and made out of a burning Bush the funniest president of all times. 

- The press of the USA knew always that there is something wrong about the war in Iraq ? ERROR! The media of the USA listened to Bush as long as he made journalists believe - even the brightest editor, that there is sense in killing the Iraqis. 

- Israel is fighting for his liberty against very bad Arabs? ERROR! It's the other way round: Israel was exported by Nazi-Germany to Palestine, behaved there like a bull in a China-shop - and has now to pay the price for inhuman behaviour, stealing land and water, treating other persons like inferior scrap. 

- You are living in New York, on the third floor of a building? ERROR! You are living on the surface of a planet within the system of the "Sun" in the galaxy "Milky Way", one out of billions of galaxies. Just living in a house is impossible without being aware of your complete conditions of life in time and space.

- You believe that 9/11 was planned by some wicked Taliban? ERROR! The US-politics decided to get rid of Russia in Afghanistan, created the troops of the Taliban, had nicest contacts with the Bin Laden clan and finally have done everything by their behaviour in the Middle East, to provoke that stroke. It was a reaction, not an action.

- You know what happened in Russia after 1989? ERROR! There was never planned a US- or Swiss-paradise. Instead, it was not nice to see how Friedman and the Chicago boys took away all fortune from the Russian folks to make a gift of it to some oligarchs. This was not nice capitalism but a terrible crime and stupidity, still followed up by Russian Government.

- You think that an atom bomb in hands of Iran is dangerous? ERROR! Much more dangerous is the overwhelming power of the USA, with that stupid president and murdering adviser-clans on top. Iran can perhaps send one missile - and then be silenced forever. The same goes for North Korea. 

- You believe that your television station shows a correct reality of the day? ERROR! They make a choice and tailor the news to please you. You have American news, other have German, French, Brazil, Russian, Chinese, Australian, Brazilian news. 99 percent ofwhat happenedin our worldwill never betold you. And the important matters with long-term effects, you will never hear about them. 

- We are living in the best of all worlds? ERROR! Never more people were dying, starving, being hopeless, without perspectives, without money, home, water, good air, without a live to see a sun-light at the horizon. 

- The situation in ecology is just fine? ERROR! Never before more oil has been transformed in poisoning air than this very day, never the destruction of the Earth was greater than in the year 2006, never the future chances for your children to have a nice future were more illusive.

- China is becoming stronger in economics than the USA or Europe ? ERROR! The US-capitalism of China is built on sand and will collapse soon. The wealth of China is invested in zero-value bonds, called US-Treasury-Bonds. The USA and Europe will react in matters of unemployment and no longer accept zero-salaries for Chinese workers. This makes an end to one of the greatest stupidities in World Economy. 

- We are all becoming healthier and healthier? ERROR! This is alone true for the richest people in the USA and in Europe. In the rest of our world, health care cannot be paid anymore, pandemics like AIDS and bird flu disease are exploding and forgotten illnesses pop again up in Africa and Asia. And no one sees possibility to fight against an increasing immunity, in a useless fight against a multitude of uncontrollable procedures, made by humans with their insane behaviour with regard to our natural platform of living. 

- Any person on the world has a control on the chaos on Earth? ERROR! There is not one politician, Nobel Prize winner, philosopher, thinker, banker, CEO, scientist, NGO, think-tank or individual who understand what's going on in politics, economics, ecology, science - short, in the future functioning of the systems on Earth and in the Universe.

You wish to know more about all lies in which you were living since your first breath? Just read in this journal my report "High-risk reality" - and you will have at least 40 percent additional truth to your "condition humaine" - thus being added to what you knew until this very day.

Feeling sad? ERROR! It is excellent to know more about the world you are living in. All governments count on your stupidity. So, do something to be less a victim - and to be more of an actor who understands the mechanics of the powerful perpetrators, dear Friend.

René Delavy

Author of "High-risk reality" // "PLADESNIEKANT" // "CHAOS" // "Criminal acts of Swiss Banks" - //

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