Absolutely, a Russian illusion!

The Republicans do a good job of playing "footsies" with Russia but, strangely enough, Russians go for the bait! They sound good and this "Conservative Slogan" has a ring to it that appeals to Russians but I sense a grave illusion there. Actually, the political game inside of the USA is not much different than, say, the cultural game that is played outside of our borders!

American, including myself, were brainwashed about the Russian People and remember that this is my hereditary culture. So what is one to think under such circumstance....that all good Russian were killed or simply died. Not so, I later found out.

After much studying (on my own) beyond propaganda on university level, that there are shades of both political parties that want to reach out to Russia and have a mutual benefit relationship. But who are they? Apparently, the stooge who head's the American University in Moscow does not understand the nuances nor the making of the United States of America nor THE PEOPLE. So, In this area, I fault Russia. Of course, the Senator from Penna that has great interest in Russia does not impress me either, so choice wise, Russia is not reaching to the REAL Americans. There are many, who want a mutual benefit with Russia and her people, so where is the disconnection? Anyone ever study this area?

But apparently Russia has an Achilles heel that the Americans have been good at poking or even Russians playing a game that they know not what they are doing. Apparently, the lack of understanding is dire, beyond gaps in literature and translations.

So being set up as Iraq is unbelievable and quite stupid on both sides of the pond. But believing that the Republicans are more open to relations to Russia is illusionary...please believe me! I just came in from my garden with lettuce, spinach and many greens, so why would you even believe or print this writing, right? Big chuckle and probably very Russian in the though process. It must be known that in our system, both political parties connect in many areas, thus if really looking behind the mirror, they work together more than not!

Basically, the cultures and religions against Russia and her people have not been studied or Russia would not make such irrational ties to the wrong people in the United States of America. Russia apparently does not go beyond the surface and this is a grave problem.

Does anyone ever wonder why it is so easy to put Russia and her people on the backburner...so to say...in Americanese? Think about that for a short while!

I do believe Russia could have stopped that NATO surrounding it but the game of old still lurks. Prince Michael Ilarionovich Kutuzov strategy with Napoleon going to Moscow is of old and there are different aspects of compromising mutual benefit beyond warfare. Yet, the archaic game is played. Of course, if Russians were alert, the would step into George F. Kennan Institute and try to understand what the Democrats over the ages have done for the relationship of both bumbling nations.

Since I am non-political but watch the play that can be liken to looking behind the looking glass, I find Russia not in full control of the situation. The caste system of either nobility or communist leadership still lurks, but then, Uncle Sam has the same problem. Remember our murky waters of think tanks and universities controlled by government did not happen overnight. Eh?

So if I may ask? Is China wiser than Russia? I would say so but that is my interest, in Chinese History of Art! But my interests do not end there, beyond my own nation's history and literature. I have been studying Russia and her people sine l980 with a tenacity also breaking many barriers of concrete walls. Remember too, many American business men went to Russia, after the Soviet break up and gave their all. I would venture to say that the governments on both sides of the pond put their stinky fingers in the pot and are the problem. I have no solutions, only thoughts, but remember out State Department Ambassadors buy their positions, so how about the Russians? A sameness? Think about that before more blood shed, would you please?

Catine E. Perkins


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Author`s name Alex Naumov