Horror and Hypocrisy in the World Media

October 15, 2006 - daily evening-news on a German TV-station. Here the quote of the speaker: "The president of Chile , Michelle Bachelet, was visiting today the building where she and her mother were tortured and, contrary to many others, survived. 260 people were tortured to death alone in this prison and "disappeared" during the regime of Pinochet. Michelle Bachelet said that she felt still very sad about what happened during those years of terror."

That's all. This is the way today media inform about the past. Not one word about over 3000 youth, journalists, editors, teachers, women and children been tortured to death by a man who is still living in luxury in his villa near Santiago de Chile. Not one word about 30000 killed in the same way in Argentina, several 100000 all over the right-wing regimes in Central and South America, assisted by all governments of the USA and instructed by CIA. Not one word about these killers and torturers, still being alive and living in best circumstances in this world.

What huge hypocrisy! The media of the world undertake everything to make us forget all crimes of states and governments during the last 100 years. Now the hypocrites in media world wide have to learn now - the heavy way so - the truth about the real horror not commented truthfully during the last 100 years:

Here the proofs and facts: 9/11 was peanuts. Bombs in trains in London were peanuts. Same goes for Madrid. Palestine self-murder-bombs are peanuts. Bin Laden and his funny al-Qaeda are peanuts. The real terrorism finds place, yes, but always in areas where uninformed readers would never look out for.

Let's talk of the real thing in matters of state-terrorism:

The Armenians should apparently still be cheerful about the first real Holocaust in human history, perpetrated by Turkey? About one million humans slaughtered and it is still forbidden for any Turkish, Kurd and Armenian citizen to mention this truth or they will be thrown in jail or even worse. And Christoph Blocher, a Swiss Federal counsel, can yell in Turkey that Switzerland will wipe out its anti-racism-laws - to the benefit of Germany (Jews), Israel (Palestinians), Turkey (Armenians and Kurd) and many other criminal nations. World record: Crimes of the United States committed during the last 50 years.

The Jews followed and surpassed the massacre of Armenians: Hitler, elected several time by democracy (= dictatorship of dull majorities) in power, gave the hint how to kill 6 million Jews, their own citizens and those of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, France, Nederland, Russia and many other states and the whole folks of Nazi German followed and did it. Afterwards, these murderers and torturers were excused fully by the USA and the Britain because these allies needed criminals for a useless and stupid fight against the one socialist nation that left more civilians and soldiers dead during the 2nd World War than any other - the Russian.

Stalin did with intellectuals and innocent people whatever he wanted to do. He created a Holocaust especially in the South of Ex-Soviet-Union in the Caucasian countries. Nikita Krushchev may have corrected a little bit the facts about atrocious Russian history. But today the example is copied by Vladimir Putin and not one person or media in Russia dares to write a criticism on that subject.

The torturing by the Argentinean governments and military on their own intelligentsia under the order of Videla and the one of Chile by Pinochet are mentioned above. Many countries with right-wing dictatorships in Central and South America, Africa and Asia were assisted by the USA in atrocious criminal acts with million of normal people being torturedto death. And theresponsible presidents and politiciansare still alive and not in jail, still protected by the own cynical officers in their armies, secret services and police forces.

In Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and elsewhere in Asia, the US-army killed normal civilized folks by millions. Alone about 3 million in Vietnam. And Kissinger, all past presidents and some other skunks are still treated with the utmost respect. Perpetrators are always the heroes and the victims are always just little assholes. On the contrary: one or the other was even a candidate for the Oslo Prize of dynamite for "Peace"!!

When the massacres started in Rwanda, Congo, Darfur or any other region in Africa where Children soldiers torture and kill whatever moves, there was no United Nations, no USA, no Europe to stop the incredible Holocaust. On the contrary: They left the place and invited those massacres to be done. Innocent people given free for violation, torture and death, millions and millions, surpassing by the factor of 1000 the little crime of "terrorists" in New York and other places, which in fact is pure counter-terrorism. Israel, USA, England, Spain and other colonialists simply have to pay the price for their own criminal past.

When Milosevic started in the middle of Europe his killing on Croatians, Kosovo-Albanians, Bosnians and any other Not-Serbs, I knew immediately what's going to happen. But the Europeans did not undertake anything to protect the victims of Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic. Here, the US-forces had to come and stop the slaughtering and they were blamed for bombing Beograd by some media and especially by a highly decorated female radio-reporter in Switzerland - just for being dull and stupid in reporting. She gives the example to the rest of world's journalists, their CEO and owners of media.

There are no perpetrator-states we could think us away easily: China with its Revolution of "Culture" under Mao followed by Tibet, the slaughtering between Indians and Pakistanis, Iraqis attacks with the logistic help of US-Intelligence against Iranians with one million citizens killed and so on, without end. All this can be recognized as a heritage of Colonialism of the British, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish conquerors with little mind and endless greed - destroying all foreign and strange cultures all over the planet and afterwards seen as heroes in dull Hollywood films.

The whole massacres started in the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church, burning alive women by hundred of thousands, then the Massacres on the indigene Americans in today's USA and the ones in South and Central America by ugly Europeans, the murderous transports of Slavery out of Africa to the United States, the decimation of indigene folks in Australia, Napoleon's useless slaughtering in many battle fields, WWI, WWII, and the above crimes in the 20th century that I call "The 3rd World War". What do media in the World expect from our future - under these circumstances?

The year has 365 days. Not enough days to celebrate all the memorials and anniversaries, "Jubilees" on wars, slaughtering, terrorizing independence fights, heroes birthdays of dictators still alive and protected by Thatcher, Kennedy and other glorious idiots from the past, all of them with both hands full of blood of the own people they have, under terrifying pain, tortured to death. All this is our reality. The reason for this big shit is the fact that not one Editor in the whole world knows what real empathy is.

No empathy with human beings, no empathy with trillions of animals, no empathy with the whole planet Earth. And the result will be that these media undertake everything to protect the politicians, scientists, technocrats,industrialsetc.tomake collapse the future world by immense catastrophes to come in ecology, economy, politics and any other field you could name.

And today? What about the situation at the beginning of the 21st Century? We don't see it, we don't feel it, we don't think about it. But the World goes down the drain right now: Unbearable ecological situation, ending resources and energy become priceless, immense indebtedness soon tumbling on stock exchanges, banks, insurances. Stupidity in politics, terrorism of states and counter-terrorism of mafia organisations of all kinds. The future generations have no chance what so ever to correct the present crimes on humanity. And it seems that all politicians like Bush, Rove, Kissinger, Clinton, Rice, Putin, Olmert, Blair, Merkel, Berlusconi, Koizumi and the Chinese adorers of some billionaires (they don't know why a huge bankruptcy is on the way) - they all and all the rest of very unimportant politicians produce the seed of tomorrows' terror today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and in many poor countries in Africa and all over the world, produced by US-capitalism and globalisation, just for feeding the world media with dirty news, so that they can fill in their papers, channels and our brains and, at the same time, accumulate billions of Dollars on Swiss bank accounts by doing so.

The true little gods today are the media, creeping in any ass presented to them, in order to be "important" in the eyes of brainless readers and spectators of Fox-TV and other scrap, all being in fact reasoning-killing instruments to make all of us duller from day to day. The rich become richer, the poorest pay the price, and the media stay as dull as they ever and always were.

All these media shall go down the drain together with all of us, when resources become priceless, when the climate will produce immense dryness, water-floods and hurricanes, never seen before in such disastrous intensity, in every corner on this platform of living, our Earth. We have built around us a wall of Berlin or Palestine of a shiny Hollywood-world where all big shots without brain in politics, economy and culture can shedder their nonsense, eagerly reported by New York Times, Herald Tribune, Washington Post, FAZ, Spiegel, NZZ, Le Monde, Libération, Humanité, La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, RAI and Berlusconi-Cinque, Murdoch-Fox-TV and SUN, BBC and CNN, Disney and Hollywood-Channels of any kind - and all the rest of useless scrap-distributors of "News".

The editors of these channels and papers think on an extremely low level, like little children, but they take themselves for Gods. If there was a true god in the universe, he would have killed any hypocrites long time ago… An astonishing exception play the various Worldnews-Online media, especially with their "Opinion"-pages.

But the readers of these lines can continue to write that the author of this article is an "illiterate" man who writes senseless ramblings in bad English, he apparently is a contemptuous bigot and a sensationalist hypochondriac. Thanks for the flowers. I am happy not to be responsible for low-level journalism and the atrocious senselessness in empathy - all over this goddamn planet of apes with superficial views on world's realities.

René Delavy

Author of "PLADESNIEKANT" // "Orakel 2099" // "CHAOS" and 10 other books in German language // "Criminal acts in politics" // "All sorts of Governments"


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov