Manslaughter? Or Murder?

Israeli justice: Warning shot fired from precision rifle with telescopic sight  called "manslaughter"

Had Taysir Sayb, the Israeli Defence Force sergeant who "mistakenly" fired a "warning shot" from a rifle with a telescopic sight straight into the head of a peace protester protecting screaming Palestinian children, perpetrated his act of evil in the United States of America, his country's closest ally, he would be liable for the death penalty.

But not in Israel, where such an act of butchery is rubber-stamped "manslaughter" as if it was some sort of accident, such as the safety catch not being on and the rifle mistakenly having gone off.

Manslaughter, for a highly-trained IDF sergeant who was pointing a loaded and cocked weapon in the direction of Palestinian children and the members of the International Solidarity Movement protecting them, one of whom was 22-year-old Tom Hurndall, whose only crime was to be leading a group of Palestinian children away from the firing.

Manslaughter - killing a person illegally but not intentionally. So in Israel, 2005, pointing a weapon at someone's head, looking down the telescopic sight and fixing the cross on the head, then gently squeezing, not pulling, the trigger, holding the breath so as not to jerk the weapon upon the act of firing, is not intentional killing.

One may ask what was this "soldier" doing pointing his gun in that direction in the first place? Trying to hit the Palestinian kids? Oh, so in that case the killing of Mr. Hurndall was not intentional, is that it?

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Author`s name Olga Savka