Don't get mad. Get even

The number of Americans who believe the 9/11 'terrorist' attacks were an inside demolition job is now rising to 50%. Many citizens are raising hell for a real investigation into what the 9/11 Commission refused to explore. Many maintain that the 9/11 events were planned by government as a protection racket to instill fear into the population so that the fed could invade Middle Eastern countries to control oil sales and to vastly decrease the rights of the citizens so that more tyrannical and confiscatory laws could be passed in the name of protecting Americans from the 'enemy.'

Many apathetic Americans have gone along with this massive sellout of their rights and children's futures by buying the government's fantastic conspiracy theory of boxcutter-wielding morons hijacking and then piloting sophisticated jumbo jets that few commercial airline pilots can handle. They are so misled that they won't even believe their own eyes when they saw the WTC Towers fall at the speed of gravity, supposedly by two small fires. Never before in the history of the world has any skyscraper collapsed because of any fire, even a big one. We are now just beginning to witness the outcome of believing the lies of government and its head-embedded media: the parasites in Congress, drunk with unprecedented power that they seized are totally ignoring the U.S. Constitution that they swore on a Bible to obey and defend.

Over 30 U.S. Senators have voted to NOT make English the official language of America.

Over 30 U.S. Senators voted FOR giving illegal aliens Social Security benefits, the same benefits you have been forced to pay for out of every paycheck in federal reserve notes that often exceed income tax withholding amounts. These benefits most of you will never collect if you're now under 55 years old, now that illegals are sopping up what little funds are left after decades of Congress raiding SS funds to spend on every pork-barrel project except your disability and retirement.

Always remember that Social Security never went bad, the bad went away with its money in their pockets.

Since 9/11, if you get labeled the wrong name by a federal agent "acting in good faith," who signs his own warrant without a judge ever seeing it, that agent can arrest you, not read you your rights nor allow you one phone call. Under the PATRIOT Act, you can be flown to any foreign country on the planet that practices torture, and there be imprisoned indefinitely. There you will suffer until you tell them whatever they want to hear. Then you will be tried and convicted and locked away for life or executed. Your family need never be informed. Under the PATRIOT Act, Americans no longer have any civil rights and suffer abuses.

Since 9/11, the fed has gotten so bold as to take everything away from you that politicians want, with impunity. You no longer own your property. Even though you pay tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars, it means nothing if your town council thinks it can make more tax money than you currently pay from a developer to whom it gives your property. Money talks and taxpayers walk....

Since and because of 9/11, President Bush has seized unconstitutional power in:

1. Suspending the Geneva Convention by calling POW's by another name, "enemy combatants," some only 14 years old.

2. Suspending human rights in ordering the torture of POW's and allowing such abuses to continue globally.

3. Approved the kidnapping of children and women just like the Gestapo did, in order to make "insurgents" surrender to save their families.

4. Suspending most civil rights through the PATRIOT Act and nationwide blanket surveillance of innocent Americans, approving FBI "national security letters" for warrantless searches and seizures that bypass probable cause and a judge's signature.

5. Declaring himself absolute dictator, excuse me, - " Unitary Executive" - free to ignore the Congress, courts, state, federal and international laws.

6. Suspended the powers of Congress by signing secret treaties with Canada and Mexico and refusing to tell Congress what those treaties contain.

7. Flies suspects out from the USA to countries where torturing them is 'legal.'

8. Allows his Attorney General to refuse to grant persecuted Christians sanctuary in the USA while allowing Muslims and millions of illegals 'amnesty.'

9. Repeatedly violating the First Amendments rights of the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, peaceable assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances by forcing protesters behind barbed wire in "Free Speech Zones" over a mile away from his public appearances.

10. Violating repeatedly the U.S. War Crimes Act, committing innumerable U.S. federal felonies deserving long prison terms, and perhaps the death penalty.

11. Repeatedly violating the 13th Amendment by forcing recently discharged veterans and veterans due to be discharged to return to fight for oil control in Iraq and elsewhere for unspecified periods of time, converting U.S. citizens into slaves of the state.

12. Grants himself whatever dictatorial powers he desires each week based upon his false "War On Terror," when the 'terrorists' had been trained at U.S. military bases, are mostly still alive, while the three WTC buildings were destroyed by daisy-chained demolition explosives according to over 500 eye-witnesses at the scene. (THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001 ISBN 0-7623-1305-6 pages 90-93, 169-173)

Since and because of 9/11, the political demigods in D.C. have now mandated child strip searches and even cavity searches in all public schools and made all teachers and staff immune from prosecution by outraged parents. Hey, you didn't squawk about them destroying the WTC and quickly hiding the evidence by shipping it to China before the FAA could investigate the worst mass murder and worst air crashes in our country's history. So now they know that they can do anything they want. Just try suing them, it's now against the 'law.' The Congresscum used a voice vote so we won't know which of the communists voted "Yes' to this outrage. They knew they were doing evil and are hiding from any accountability with voters from their districts.

According to a recent study, "...the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests." The study doesn't mention abuse by politicians who think nothing of allowing school employees to stick their fingers into you daughters' vaginas and boys' anal canals, all for their own 'good,' of course. Doubtless they'll have to document their rapes with photos. Plenty of them. And sent to Congressional oversight committees, who'll pass them around and take them home for further study. If you think this language harsh while you can still do something about it, think how truly harsh it will be when you cannot.

Are you sick of all this yet? You don't own any property, don't have civil rights, and now cannot keep local government employees out of your children's underpants. You won't even be notified in advance of this; you'll know when your young boy or girl comes home in hysterics, and then it'll be too late. They'll be damaged for life, all in the name of the 'War On Drugs,' that is both unconstitutional and unconscionable. It's really a war against the Constitution and against your human rights, which no longer exist in the USSA, the "United Socialist States of America."

America is now a COMMUNIST COUNTRY and few have the eyes to see it. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Henry are all rolling in their graves. And watch how many government sycophants attack me, the messenger, instead of those who sold them out for more power, prestige and money.

The morons in Washington seem committed to a new revolution, where parents are forced to take up arms against anyone who dares touch their child regardless of what infamous 'law' the parasites pass. This is most likely on purpose so government can insert more 'protection' into the system and finally destroy the last bastion of rebellion to tyranny: the family unit that believes in God more than the state.

Many blame the Republicans for the phony war on terror that is actually a war on human rights globally.

If you prefer to vote Democrat, then vote for the Democrat politician in D.C. who stood up on the Floor and called for the impeachment of King George the Terrible. Don't hold your breath trying to find one, because there are none.

That's right, not ONE Democrat called for impeachment of a President that makes Nixon's misdeeds look saintly by comparison. Does that tell you anything? It tells you the truth without media spin. It tells you that there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, they only hold different ends of the same chain, the chain that they're wrapping around your neck.

There is only one answer left to those of us who seek a non-violent solution to the death of freedom in D.C. It's time for everyone to stand up not for a political party, not for a hack who promises salvation but delivers chains; it's time to stand up for yourselves, to stand up for your families, to stand up for your God, Who taught you to stand up for the truth since the beginning.

Don't vote for even one incumbent. The only way to take control back from the chain handlers, pimps and perverts in D.C. is to kick the bastards out of office. If they claim that they had no hand in these outrages to God's freedom, understand that they never raised their voices against those that did. And since they're useful idiots, they don't belong in office.

Again, DON'T VOTE FOR EVEN ONE INCUMBENT, unless you like being a serf and don't object to having your children molested in schools or anywhere by government employees who 'care' more than you do.

All politicians who stood by while 'others' gutted the Constitution and denied your God-given human rights to property, life and liberty, freedom of worship and expression, deserve not one vote. Throw 'em ALL out on their ears, and maybe their newly-elected replacements will use their ears for more than listening to big-dollar lobbyists and to their own greed and pomposity.

Jack Duggan

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov