Bush welcomes Israel as 51st State

The World has gone crazy:

Israel bombs the Lebanon back in the Middle Ages, assisted by the USA, and all other countries can pay the prize for it. In my country, not one editor in a newspaper, radio or TV asks the question why Europeans, Asians and Not-Americans should pay for a damage, they could watch every evening on TV, produced eagerly by Israel with the assistance of a stupid "war against terror" programmed by GW Bush and his bunch of crazy-gone hegemonics.

Immediately after the stop of bombs and missiles, the Red Cross, NGO's and all good-hearted people run to the place and ask for money resulting out of a war-crime that, at the beginning of the 21st Century, is still possible and cannot be stopped by the UNO and its "counsel of security". Security of whom? The one of the USA - to the detriment of all other countries?

One day, we will be asked to finance human rights tribunals of Carla Del Ponte for the war-criminals acts of Bush, Rice, Rove, Olmert and General Haarutz. We will pay for searching proofs, the World could not only see on Murdoch's Fox-TV but on all channels of our free universe. We all know that a weak state has been bombed, just for two Israelis taken for hostage. And we all know that the US-government wanted Israel to enter in his war "against terrorism".

The Lebanon should, with the financial assistance of the over-indebted USA, attack Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Lebanon should then become 52nd state of the United States and some other ten Bin Ladens will be born out of this massacre. An action-and-fun film will be produced by Spielberg or Oli Stone, since the best directors on earth, ever, Eisenstein, Murnau, Tarkowsky and Chaplin are dead.

Germans will send troops for making good that Nazi-Germany exported the result of Auschwitz (whose trail-tracks were not bombed by US- and British troops) to Palestine - with the results we see today. Therefore, the UN-counsel of security decided: One third of Israelis should be replaced in Kentucky, one third in North Ireland and one third on the Olympic camp in Munich.

Russia ends up its tests for socialism and gives away the whole wealth of Ex-Soviet-Union to a handful of oligarchs; they wanted to atom-bomb Chechnya and found out that normal weapons would do as well. China replaced a good-hearted communism for peasants by a neck-breaking capitalism for stylish youngsters: they plan also atom-bombimg Japanese Koizumi-shrines. Japan plans in its fight against world-terror to open some human-test-camps near Peking with a few over- and under-pressure chambers. And the British plan that travellers should enter planes fully naked to be sure that none of them hides a Coke-bottle under his shirt.

You can see, dear reader, that this World has lost its fight against terror long time ago - and that we all have become crazy: You pay for damages, other people produce in front of your open eyes and you believe that this is normal and pragmatic daily life. If we continue to function on this level, we will soon have more folks like Bin Laden than chaps like our beloved George W. Bush. Comparing the two, I don't know what is worse…

The world has gone crazy - and not one of us wishes to know, when it happened.

That's enough, folks, for this day. You may think that the author of this article should keep his fingers away from his laptop. But I think that you should grasp very soon the logics of World's systems of insanity - before it's too late for a real change.

Rene Delavy

Author of "Pladesniekant" / "CHAOS" / "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction"

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Author`s name Alex Naumov