Why the world hates today's USA?

Is there a secret why many Europeans, Arabs, Asians, South Americans, Canadians and some other nationals hate more and more the George W. Bush government? Is it a wonder that, in the lane of their minefield of false views on the geopolitical world, the whole USA suffer damage in its reputation that may last for a long history to come? Let's study the situation and go into the details of the intellectual view of a mad-gone government around Bush, Rice, Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney and all the other blind politicians.

On the example of a cult-figure with very much influence in the USA , publicist and journalist Ann Coulter, the matter may be made transparent: You really don't know who is Ann Coulter? She is the most named power woman of the USA. And she is rightwing, Republican, a real woman out of steel and with an atomic brain and - she is blond and she assumes to be intelligent. This assumption requires a heavy theory of relativity - as follows:

On the right of Ronald Reagan, anything may go or may govern, even a totally crazy-gone George W. Bush. Whatever idiocies this guy may be going to decide, Ann finds excellent phrases to justify the brainy errors of the worst president on Earth ever. It is as with beloved Ronald Reagan: Both decided that the richest Americans don't have to pay taxes anymore, which will then be paid by the middle-class and the poor, or else by seeing dropped all health or social care, inflate the mad indebtedness of the USA and shout: "State-of-evil Soviet Union or Iraq or Iran must be killed!" - and now, we have the bravest Chief of State ever.

Ann Coulter has some nice topics, she likes to gossip about, with the result that part of the US population became even more dull as they were already. Take some examples:

- "Liberals are criminals because they do not like America ." - Ann is right: THIS America cannot be loved by any reasonable person. Therefore, one Republican judge had to make George W. Bush president whereas about 50,001 %, in fact, renounced to weaken their country by a stupid president - nowadays the most hated Chief of a goddamn ugly hegemonic nation.

- "Whether liberals are defending the communists or bleating for dictators like Saddam Hussein, they are always traitors or idiots. They destroy America 's self-preservation." Dear Ann, it is the other way round: If the republicans continue to see themselves as new-born capitalists with a queer view on democracies and money-freedom to the disadvantage of the poor and the treasures of the globe, no hopes will soon be allowed for all future generations including US-Americans.

- "Wipe out North Korea , Iraq , Iran and some other axe-of-evil States ." - Ann is bloody right and not leftwing here: These states look out for the same idiocies as the USA have already: Atom bombs, inhuman politics, miserable social securities, gigantesk towersof debts, killcivil rights and equity for the poor in the world, hegemonic capitalism, all rights for just one nation - the richest and most pitiless, splendid army defiles, stupid presidents and some Ann Coulters talking nonsense on TV.

- "God is equal to the USA . We alone have Biblical ideas. We dominate the planet, the animals, all the asses of the poor. So, rape the Earth and rape all Not-US-Americans." - Marvellous, Ann, great! This is exactly the program of neo-liberalism: Human power in the midst of all interests and the planet Earth in the Asshole. Bravo! And this will be: The Earth is ready to strike back and to get rid of US-Americans and all who don't grasp reality as it is - quicker than wise Ann could imagine with her low horizon.

- "Timothy Mc Veigh should have made explode the New York Times." - Ann, I fully agree. New York Times wrote the greatest shit about George W. Bush for about five long years. But now they have stopped, contrary to many other media, to be taken for stupid, whereas Ann still keeps herself as little-minded as she always was.

- "Canadians should be thrown in the Pacific just as Israelis should be thrown in the Mediterranean Sea ." - Ann, this is great talking. The most stupid nation in the world, the USA , wants to get rid of cultural folks like the Canadians? Great! The second part of your saying is however not as stupid as you may guess.

- "A central component of liberal hate speech is to make paranoid accusations." Ann, this is a proof that you have seen a University from the inside. What a beautiful language! If you change the word "liberal" into "new born idiots" or "killing field republicans" or "Ann the slaughterhouse", yes, then the right sound would swing through the holy and promised land, south of Canada.

- "I think that US-government should be spying on all Arabs and all liberals should be sent to Guantanamo ." Thanks Ann, now all of us know the solution to the problem of Israel . Bush and his bunch accept as true all the views of Israelis - and grasp absolutely none of the problems of Palestinians, Iranians or Iraqis. This exactly is the reason for the distorted view of the Americans on the World - that differs so much of the rest of reasonable-thinking persons on Earth.

This is enough. I can't any more. Your stupidity is so immense, Ann Hart Coulter, that I risk losing my mind in quoting you too much. Ann, I love you so. When stupidity surpasses a certain measure, it becomes a piece of art.

René Delavy

Author of "Fairy-tale about Goliath's stone and David's missiles" // "Fairy-tale of a singer and his Italian mafia state" // "Criminal acts in US-politics"


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