US Secretary of State wants reform in Latin America

It was Washington, not Osama bin Laden, who mastered the tactic of flying aircraft into buildings on September 11th

That any US politician could have the audacity to demand anything from Latin America, a continent which has been ravaged by Washington's criminal interference and murderous intrusion, is unacceptable. That these words could come from Condoleezza Rice, a lynchpin of the Bush regime, whose history speaks for itself, is unfathomable.

Condoleezza Rice's lack of tact, diplomacy and basic good manners was clear right from the beginning of the OAS Summit in Florida, where she used her opening speech to express her concerns at the situation in Bolivia, Ecuador and Haiti.

Were it not for the insolence and sheer arrogance of this guttersnipe, it would almost be funny. Here is a lady, purportedly intelligent, representing her country's diplomacy, talking about a democratic deficit in a country whose lawfully elected leader, Aristide, was ousted by Washington just because he was distributing the country's wealth on a more egalitarian basis. Therefore to speak about Haiti is an admission of Washington's abject failure in its foreign policy.

Acts of butchery, torture on a wide scale, the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, speaks volumes about this policy today and historically, Washington's desires in Latin America have been ones of murderous interference, acts of pure piracy and terrorism on a scale unwitnessed anywhere else.

It was Washington, not Osama bin Laden, who mastered the tactic of flying aircraft into buildings on September 11th although in this case it was not in New York but in Santiago, Chile, when the mass murderer Pinochet was placed in power. It was Washington that masterminded Operation Condor, a wave of Fascist, criminal and murderous oppression which was responsible for countless deaths and disappearances across the continent.

It was Washington that has systematically backed Fascist regimes, holding down the people and syphoning off the resources of the continent, eliminating anyone who has tried to return the Latin American countries' wealth to its rightful owners, the people of Latin America.

Finally, when Condoleezza Rice mentions a  democratic deficit in Latin American countries, she should remember that it was not the Latin American countries which slaughtered the civilians of Iraq, it was not the people of Latin America who voted for fascist dictatorships but Washington that placed them there and the only place in Latin America where systematic acts of torture take place is at the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay.

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Author`s name Olga Savka