Israel and Palestine: Whose fault is that?

It is terrible if a man, a woman is killed without any good reason. It is terrible if only one girl or boy is killed before real life has even started. And it is indescribably terrifying if six million people of all ages are tortured and killed for no good reasons at all. Most of them suffocated in a room full of gas. What a world is this?

And the perpetrators have, as always, never paid for this crime. The world had better things to do than to punish Nazis. For example having fantasies about the danger of socialism and protecting capitalism. And therefore over one million of Jews were placed under international protection in their former homeland in Israel. Or shall we call it Palestine? Some years later, they were already two millions there, with a small army.

For reasons nobody explained in detail to this very day, some Arab nations started a war against Jews. They wanted to throw Israelis in the Mediterranean Sea. But after six days, the Israelis won the war with their planes and a better strategy - and ever since they have grown to a powerful state with the strongest army in the whole area and with atomic weapons of unbelievable power.

Following those war days, Palestinians did never get any more real chances. The Israelis were building one village after another on their territories. They needed space for Jews coming from Arab states, Africa, Russia and many other nations. They needed much water and grounds for streets and fields, for their agriculture and growing towns. For too many years, the Israelis acted as if they were alone in the world and they could be sure that the international community would be on their side.

Unfortunately, they forgot the interests of other people that should have lived together with them in peace - the Palestinians. They molested and disadvantaged them more from year to year. For any action of the Palestinians, the Israelis stroke back in relation of one to ten. And the result was that they were hated more and more by the Arab people, seeing the massacre every evening on their television screens.

Finally, with the protection of the USA, guided by an intellectually poor President that could not be more unreal and without empathy for the victims, Israelis dictated the life conditions of the whole area by their own. The misery of the Palestinian folks become greater from year to year. But the Israelis thought only of their own interests. Self murder attacks were responded with a multitude of dead civilians and when a suspension of hostilities was agreed, most of the time even Hamas kept quite. But each time, the Israelis found good reasons to kill in these periods of silence some "terrorists" on the other side (the terrorists of Israel were always called "freedom-fighters"), thus provoking counter-actions again.

And the world looked at the massacre, the UN-resolutions were ignored and the credit from the Second World War seemed to cover any national crime of Israel. Now we have the situation, where:

- Israel has an immense potential in arms. They have the atom bomb. But when the Iran wishes to develop the same program, the whole world shouts "Crime!", as if the weapons in the hands of Israelis or the US-government were harmless toys for little children.

- The USA financed the arming of Israel and atthe sametimecondemned all Arab nations for their rearmament. In fact, they wished to dictate some sort of democracy in Iraq, Iran and some other "axe-of-evil states"; however not so for Saudi Arabia or some other powerful oil states. As always: Economy goes before same human rights for all nations or equal justice.

- For some soldiers taken as hostages, Israel can do what no other nation could do in this world: kill an awful number of civilians in neighbouring nations, destroy the whole infrastructure of Lebanon and sow disorder and hatred in the whole Arab area.

- The United Nations look on the scenery without any ideas how to stop the insane procedure and the US government does not understand one little thing about the sources of that history and the final effects they provoked since decenniums in the whole region - just by doing nothing or, as always, like in the rest of the world, by doing the wrong thing.

And how will this sad story end? Most probably by some useless agreements that will never end the hatred of millions of Arabs and other nationals, having understood since many years that without equity and justice, the problem caused by Nazis (and exported in the Near East at the end of World War II by the power-nations) should have been treated with much more care and intelligence - all the time since 1945.

Perhaps, once upon a time the Israeli folks have just two options: Leaving the place at the Mediterranean See all together or killing almost all Arabs surrounding them. What a marvellous end of a terrible political adventure that could have been a success-story from the start.

But human stupidity will always, as Friedrich Dürrenmatt wrote, find the worst possible conclusion. It seems to be a human law, a constancy - also for the humanity as a whole, to take a way which risks getting out of any control. Look at the increasing problems with worldwide exploding towers of debts, lessening resources or energy becoming soon priceless, climate and environment collapses getting out of control soon, misunderstanding politics and increasing frustration in the world.

All this is due to a philosophical teaching that made us believe, human power and intelligence would solve all our life-problems - for ever - in an automatic procedure. But instead, we all are going to kill slowly but surely the only platform of living, our Earth. In place of a possible paradise, we will have arrived at the end of any base for living, because the world population has exploded too much, too fast, in too short time, with too little reserves - and with no adequate intellectual reasoning in philosophy and literature.

"About Israel"  will prove to have been only some sort of a sign on the wall. "About the World" will be written as further chapter, since humanity as a whole risks following the same path of self-destruction. And we, the world population, should have had the intelligence to know what we were doing all the time. Probably, we had the wrong philosophers and thinkers since over 2000 years...

Rene Delavy
Author of "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction" // "Democracy = Dictatorship of dull majorities" // "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov