Terrorist attack by Israel

Israel commits another act of state terrorism using military hardware against civilian targets. Tel Aviv replies to kidnapping with war crimes. Palestinian school destroyed by Israeli armed forces.

Tel Aviv has lost the propaganda war, the hearts and minds of the international community and the war of intelligence, descending to knee-jerk, primary reactions of the crudest form of violence, playing into the hands of the terrorists on the Palestinian side and proving for many that after all, the Israeli camp is no better – and perhaps even deserves what it gets.

If firing shells at Palestinians enjoying themselves on a beach provoked the kidnapping of the Israeli corporal, responding by kidnapping Palestinian Ministers did nothing to create a situation whereby diplomacy could take over, which is exactly the territory in which the terrorists thrive, as has been seen time and time again in different parts of the globe. Tel Aviv, in failing to see the writing on the wall and in failing to learn the lessons of history, is consigned to defeat in its quest to stubbornly occupy lands that do not belong to Israel and whose occupation goes against international law. If Israel does not abide by international law, why should the Palestinians?

Last night the terrorist attack against the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya’s office in Gaza was paramount to the Palestinians firing Qasim rockets at civilian targets in Israel. What after all is the difference between a Jewish civilian being murdered by a Palestinian terrorist and a Palestinian civilian being murdered by an Israeli soldier or airman?

Bullseye! Israeli terrorist attack destroys school

In another terrorist attack by Israel, a Palestinian school was hit in Gaza, during a missile salvo against civilian targets on Saturday night. For Israel, this was no doubt a successful military operation against terrorist targets. Today a child, tomorrow a terrosist, is that the motto?



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey