Will George W. Bush surpass Hitler with regard to criminal effects?

George W. Bush was not elected president of the USA, in the year 2000, by the majority of US-voters. He was elected with one vote of a so called Supreme Court of the USA with the vote of one single judge, put in charge byGeorge Bush I, father of the later. A court that functions like a right-wing think tank is as useless for a nation as a kettle with a big whole in the bottom for a household….

But the destiny was friendly with the most stupid politician of the world ever… Provoked by a supremacist state that advanced always the interest of Israel over the rest of the whole Arab region and the Palestinians in special, some eager minorities in Arabia decided to shorten two towers in New York. Not a good idea, but very efficient, just as efficient as the biggest US-companies, when they decided to shorten the chances of people living in poor areas of the world. Comparable to the tumbling down of a rotten regime opening all chances to Hitler, the tumbling down of towers opened George W. Bush all opportunities he wished to have and that the one judge in Washington alone could not guarantee him….

Now he found good reasons for a war in Afghanistan, some other in Iraq and some possible future war against Iran, whose population was however already shortened with the assistance of the USA in Saddam Hussein's gas war some years earlier. When his army entered Afghanistan, they found some crazy chaps that were not destructing three million Vietnamese but studying terrorism against the ones who see capitalism, neo-liberalism and new-borness as the one real thing on Earth. Unfortunately, many of the people brought to Guantanamo proved to be rather marginal terrorists or even totally innocent.

But George W. changed the whole USA in a McCarthy-camp, terrorised his own population and violated all international human rights and courts laws. And Russia, who gave away the whole wealth of Ex-Soviet-Union to a handful of oligarchs, China gave away all chances for developing a reasonable program to cure the situation of its population, especially of the peasants on the country-side, and favoured instead a funny mass-Milton-Friedman-capitalism, and Europe continued to dream its dreams for growth, to the disadvantage of all future generations, all these nations just looked over the two oceans and applauded George for his heavy-metal Hollywood-behaviour. It is easier not to interfere, if the own limits of growth, feasibility and financing bubbles by debts will prove to have been rather unrealistic.

No doubt, Adolf Hitler was a bad, bad guy, indeed. Let's face it: The nation of culture of the Germans made him dictator by democratic votes, exactly like George, and they accepted all crimes against Jews, and many must have known about the "Wannsee-Konferenz". Without the help of millions of Nazi-Germans, never six million Jews and about hundred million Russians, Poles, Americans, English, French and other nationals could have been killed or tortured to death. Here we have some parallels with Pinochet's and Videla's torturing to death of its youth and their final killing, assisted by later USA and its CIA and even worse the extermination of some three million Vietnamese for capitalistic ideology and many other nationals being killed since 1950 to this very day for the same purpose - with the assistance of CIA and some other crazy conspirators and blood dictators.

But Bush has not only invested in Guantanamo, this heroic monument for the criminal energy of the US-politicians since 50 years, no, he has in addition made explode the state indebtedness of his country that will make tumble down stock exchanges, banks and old age insurance, he has made explode the hatred of most of the countries throughout the world against the USA, the best loved nation after WW II, he has convinced that a terrifying war against environment with a stupid growth and the exposure of billions of tons of poison spread out by huge cars, planes, power stations etc., helping therewith the future generations to "survive", and with the neo-liberal theory of Friedman and Greenspan he helped to enrich his greatest US-Companies and, at the same time, to destroy all hopes of the weaker states in South America, Africa and Asia.

Final conclusion: George W. Bush has put a time-bomb in the world that could kill in the long run billions of human beings from now on.

Has anyone opened the question if Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Putin, Blair, Chirac or George W. Bush are to be recognized the greatest criminal figures of all times? The historians of the year 2100 will know.

Rene Delavy 
Author of "Criminal acts in politics" - "CHAOS" - "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction"

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