Al-Zarqawi is not dead, we are

Most Americans still naively believe the government through the media. Some insiders say that Al-Zarqawi was one of our assets and he had to be extracted because things were getting too hot for him with the fundamentalist Muslims.

Ask yourself one thing: 'If two five-hundred-pound bombs were in fact used to kill Zarqawi, where did they get such nice photos of his intact, undamaged, supposedly-dead face?' Photos of the 'dead' Al Zarqawi were all over the television every 20 minutes for days.

Because a thousand pounds of explosives would make a deep crater, blowing everything to smithereens, Zarqawi would have been tomato paste and not distinguishable as even human. Yet the media just happened to receive cameo morgue photos to convince us suckers that Zarqawi et. al. were dead instead of evacuated.

So, why doesn't the head of Al-Zarqawi look like a pizza? Because, perhaps, he's no deader than the at least seven so-called 9-11 hijackers that are still living in the Middle East.

Zarqawi's wife, child and two other bad guys were killed in the attack, if we can believe the head-embedded media. But can we believe a media, can we believe a government, that has yet to utter the word, "impeachment" about President Bush who is wiretapping millions of us outside the Constitution, when they screamed for President Nixon's head for tapping only one office?

The death of Al-Zarqawi may not be what it seems, just like our President is not what he seems. He has already established himself as a dictator, ignoring hundreds of laws, saying that he is a "unitary executive" having the power to set aside any law whatsoever based on his personal interpretation of the Constitution, regardless that Congress and the courts say otherwise. "Unitary executive" is a political theory that any U.S. President has unlimited executive power. Bush has used the theory to expand presidential powers just like any dictator who personally feels he can ignore the rest of the government and the will of the people. Yet no one dares say the word, "impeach," because nearly all of government and the media have been compromised to the point that they no longer have spines nor dignity. Want a tax audit or want to lose your job? Try standing up to American tyranny and see what happens to you.

Bush now claims that he is above telling Congress of his private treaties with foreign powers that will create a new country that includes the USA, Canada and Mexico, without borders between them so the dollars can flow even better into his family and friends' pockets, since NAFTA and GATT/GANN has worked so well for them using slave labor. He is silent on the plan to build the NAFTASuperhighway and is refusing to tell Congress what's in the treaties he signed with our neighbors. After all, he's the Unitary Executive who no longer has to answer to anyone.

What will the Democrat Party say to the Longshoremen's and Teamster's Unions when they are 'outsourced' and no longer have jobs? The NAFTA Superhighway will transport trailers off container ships that enter through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas, offloaded by cheap Mexican labor instead of expensive American Longshoremen.

Mexican trucks with low-paid Mexican drivers will do an end-run around American Teamsters in trucks that need not meet the inspection standards that burden U.S. haulers, will travel uninhibited on what will be our nation’s newest, widest, cutting-edge superhighway non-stop straight through the heart of America. They won't need to stop at the Rio Grande for U.S. Customs. Believe it or not, their first stop will be in Kansas City, Missouri at a 'customs office' run by the Mexican government.

This is what happens when a "Unitary Executive" runs amok without any checks and balances. Hitler and Stalin would have been jealous.

When a U.S. President violates his oath of office by ignoring the U.S. Constitution that he swore to obey and defend, he is no longer President. Yet where is "The Third Estate," the media? They are the last empty lot on the left, wordless and spineless. And useless.

So Al-Zarqawi isn't dead, WE are dead. Our nation once built upon a system of checks and balances is now dead. All private property rights have been voided by the USC ruling in Kelo v. New London. All civil rights have been suspended by the Bush White House wire-tapping of all our conversations and financial movements. Our due-process rights no longer exist because of thousands of federal warrants that no longer need a judge's signature only an agent's 'good faith suspicion.'

Stage magicians use misdirection to insure the audience doesn't see what his other hand is doing. The 'War On Terror' is the misdirection so American citizens don't see that the other hand is gathering yet more chains with which to make sure that the audience stays where it belongs, paying their taxes to buy even more chains.

You are not to inquire how your trade may be increased, nor how you are to become a great and powerful people, but how your liberties can be secured; for liberty ought to be the direct end of your government. " - Patrick Henry at the Virginia Convention, 1788

Jack Duggan
[email protected]

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov