Fakes about Tribunals for Human Rights. Does the world need Carla Del Ponte?

The Serbs under Slobodan Milosevic did the right thing indeed: they took revenge for a great number of killed people, of Serbs being murdered by Croatians with the help of Hitler's Nazi-Germans during the Second World War. History requires time until it strikes back. But first we should rapidly start with the hearing of witnesses for proofs, dear Carla Del Ponte. All we need are proofs, proofs and proofs - and nothing else but proofs.

It is a scandal that the Gentlemen Karadzic and Mladic should be detected as criminals of war, because they were only consequent, so too in Srebrenica. They only did what all folks do, on Earth when they get the opportunity: They took revenge for the criminal acts done on them in the past. And then: Where should the proofs come from? Has anyone seen Milosevic, Karadzic und Mladic violating young women, torturing and killing young and old men and than burying them secretly in their homeland earth? You see? Where are the proofs, dear Carla Del Ponte, dear Mrs. Arbour, dear Kofi Annan?

When the Hutu, under pressure of the Tutsis since decenniums, finally started to kill the other species, the security troops of the "Internationale" understood immediately how gently to behave and they gave the battle field free for justice being done. And now, all the good natured people are in tears about this horror? Jesus, could you not be more mendacious, Ladies and Gentlemen, from the crazy front of press? I myself was at the front as JFK Kennedy saved our western world, the capitalism, by burning in napalm three million of Vietnamese. And where are today the proofs against Kissinger, McNamara, Kennedy and the rest of the US-Americans, dear Carla? I guess that we should finally stop searching for proofs. We will never find evidence for the ugliest crimes in the history of mankind.

Editors-in-chief were and are still perfectly right in their reasoning: Where are the proofs that the whole world press turned away when some Pol Pot tortured one third of the Cambodian nation to death, as a result of a war initiated by the US-Americans, suffocated with plastic bags delivered from the USA or else slaughtered as forced slaves in their own rice fields? Where are the proofs, my God, where are they running? And the tribunals of blinded justice for peace, paid by me and other taxpayers, where are they, my beloved Carla? Pinochet still walks around happily and free in all luxury. And then the generals and the politicians in Argentina ? What have they done? Under the instructions of the secret army CIA of all US presidents, they only tortured to death some ten thousands of students, teachers and editors and then thrown in the sea out of planes. Maggie Thatcher asked for this Pinochet to be held in honour until his natural death. A tribunal of torture in Chile would anyhow be much too expensive, not mentioning the salaries for Carla Del Ponte and the judges. Where should we anyway find the proofs? Has anyone seen in person, how Pinochet had raped and tortured young female students for hours and hours, before they awfully died from their pain? Has anyone seen the planes wherefrom the dead bodies were thrown in Southern Sea? You see: when proofs are hidden, there is no guilty Milosevic, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Caesar, Pinochet or Pol Pot. Based on all the reports and pictures of the media, newspapers and TV-stations throughout the world, we all can do without any financing of the process of proof-finding, to the charge of the taxpayers of all countries.

But the ugliest skunks of World history were and are never put before any tribunal. It is a joke of history that the greatest criminals, the politicians in this world, never have to answer on their criminal acts. They all got their tomb of honour, based on a mass literature that exists since human beings started to write novels and other artificial mirrors of reality. Sharon is not a criminal, no, never. After all, the Palestinians have exploded themselves out of free will just to kill a few Jews. Only afterwards he has built the colonies, than made plat the olive-groves, has stolen water and land from the inner Arab enemy - only afterwards. This is Israel history writing. But where are the proofs that heroic Amis brought with their politics in the Middle East any anti-American terrorism over this world, created future WTC-destroyers with anti-Russian Taliban in Afghanistan, killed millions of Persians and Kurds in the Iran by their cynical assistance of Saddam Hussein's gas war. In addition, they covered many blood dictators such as Pinochet in many countries - just as did the Russians on the left? What a cynical political world! You start to think, man? Forget it! The US-republicans under Kennedy, Clinton and George W. Bush don't recognize any guilt in their politics, just as little as naïve Gorbachev did when he introduced a neo-liberal system in the Ex-Soviet-Union, giving away the nation's wealth to some oligarchs. And for all these matters we seem to have no proofs? However, should they have got hidden, we still can find some tons of press issues. In spite of this fact, the governments uselessly organize alibi-tribunals - and this Carla tramples into an emptiness of thoughts and at the same time, the criminal heroes get their memorial in all history records.

George W. Bush: In the year 2100, we will organize a tribunal of honour and negotiate the following criminal acts of George: The non-acceptance of the Kyoto protocol continued the crazy waste of energy, fatal for the generations of our children. We will see later millions of dying people, resulting from poisoned air and water. The collapse of the climate will result in billions of victims long after the Bush-era. The favouritism of the richest Americans will have increased the indebtedness of the USA and all will end in a bankruptcy of that State. My domino theory - down the drain will go at this occasion: China, Japan, Europe, Russia etc., than stock exchanges, the banks, insurance companies and old age funds. Civil wars may be resulting. The globalisation dictated by the USA creates already today billions of poor people on all the continents of this Earth. And what does undertake at the same time our advocate of justice, this Carla Del Ponte? She is looking for proofs if Milosevic could have known about the dead civilians caused by his regime, in Bosnia, Croatia and in Kosovo! However, there are never ready-made proofs to be found without a tribunal! It's just the same with the world's climate: No scientific proofs at all!

No human being was present, when the victims of Milosevic were slaughtered to death. Never ever are they present, the media, when world's crimes come over helpless people: no Times or BBC, not one single CNN or Fox reporter is there when it happens. And therefore, we are blind and cannot see evident proofs every day. Therefore we all need a heroic tribunal that - on cost of all naive folks of the world - are searching for facts, that every normal brain could see any day throughout the year on television, hear on radio or read in the press. Wrong reasoning gives all powerful men and women chances to continue for ever with their criminal acts. This is the lesson we have to keep in mind, when we look at the names written in big letters in this report. We all live in a world that could not be more cynical, unethical and without pity. Massacres shall go on forever, in spite of useless tribunals in every town. It is the indifference of the human beings that makes our situation worse from year to year. And at the end of the sad song, ecology, economy, politics will collapse, slowly but firmly, due to a dreadful greed of the powerful, increased by a mass stupidity. At the end of this, we all will become victims of our blindness. Do we really need any Carla Del Ponte? In fact, we have already our great Bush, Blair, Chirac, Merkel, Berlusconi and Kofi Annan. We have the necessary potential of cynical politicians. Why should we cry for a world tribunal, when everything accomplishes itself? But for the time being, let us struggle for a useless and expensive search for proofs. We could have decided for a future living in peace on Earth, on our natural platform of life. We have decided otherwise.

Rene Delavy
Author of the German books "CHAOS", "Macht x Dummheit = Selbstzerstörung " and "10 Maximen zur Weiterexistenz"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov