Leonardo Da Vinci and today's nonsense with the ‘Dan Brown Code’

Once upon a time many centuries ago, we experienced an Age of Enlightenment. Geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei tried to explain to the Homo sapiens where and how we all are living in this Universe. Perhaps, never before or afterwards, human mankind was more intelligent than just during these decenniums. It's like with music: Never afterwards was composed better music than the one of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mahler and Vivaldi. Conclusion: Since those days humans must have become more and more dull. Today we don't even know that we are lost in a post-modern paranoid madness of a life that can possibly not go on as it is today. We are standing at the edge of a multitude of collapses in capital, resources, intelligence, ecology, economy and cultural life, worldwide…

How come? Take as an example the idiocy of finding everywhere fantastic proofs for conspiracies! Since I am on the Internet, I feel myself buried under thousands of such funny theories:

- On 9/11, the Israelis have run into the World Trade Center because they knew George to be stupid enough to attack Iraq afterwards.

- On 9/11 the CIA has launched missiles in the Pentagon and there was no plane directed by Al-Qaida. This can only be true if CIA, Mossad and Ahmadinejad knew since years that at the same time some planes (from Mossad) would thunder in the World Trade Center.

- The Bird epidemic is only a concept of the pharmaceutical industry in order to sell Tamiflu.

- George W. Bush is governed by Karl Rove and a bunch of crazy idiots (this is true).

- Greenspan was a victim of his own oracle-wise verses, he wanted to get China and Japan in bankruptcy - but in fact planned the collapse of the USA, followed by China, Japan and all stock exchanges (this is true).

- Every day we have some Bush-, Putin-, Koizumi- or Merkel-"Gates" - but never ever these conspiracies prove to be true afterwards. But Bullshit can never be stopped.

- Never ever was there a hurricane in New Orleans, all was an artificial fake on TV.

- Never ever Jesus was nailed to a cross 2000 years ago. In fact he was a girl with name "Jessica" and she was drowned in an aquarium by newborn Christians.

- The ugly guys around Kennedy were never ever on the moon. It was Stanley Kubrick who made a documentary film in London studios and coordinated the whole thing on TV. Soviets were there on the moon - but never told us.

- Sharon was a Palestinian and not a Jew and he built Orthodox-Jewish Villages just behind a "Berliner-Mauer" to have shelter for his Arab folks just after the final war against Israel ends.

- Several insane US-Presidents should never have napalmed three millions of Vietnamese but made plans with Pinochet to educate youngsters in South America to become better capitalists.

- George W. Bush was elected not by the US-population but by a single Judge in High-Court.

- Al Gore himself dismantled some count-machinery in Florida because he was afraid of the burden of a US-Presidency.

- Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not lie to become a Netherlands citizen. She did so because she planned with Al-Qaida to have killed famous film producer Theo van Gogh.

- Ahmadinejad is in fact a Jew who cannot bear the idea of his grand-parents being gassed in the Holocaust of Nazi-Germans - and therefore denies it.

- Clearstream is not a deadly France gloss but a cake in the mouth of present government to stop their crazy gossip in all media.

- Blair, Chirac and other Berlusconi pretended to know something about economics and to be able to safe Europe from free fall in the Orcus.

Now we have this famous Dan Brown who guesses in a crazy novel that Jesus and Magdalena had plenty of fun and children. This is even more hilarious since the Catholic Church wishes to prove just the contrary, but at the same time denies that they have fired some hundred thousands of women under laws ofinfallibility. And some religious Sharia-laws pretend that females should be stoned if devil is in between, whereas under same circumstances males would be heroes of sex when raping helpless girls.

All adepts of conspiracy should learn, once for all, the following lesson: A real conspiracy is always silent, so silent that not even the "intelligence"-services would hear of it. What is spread over all media and screens is NEVER a conspiracy... It is simply not feasible, since one would know the truth within hours… It is absolutely impossible to have a world-wide conspiracy with many people having knowledge of all the details. Governments may try to conspire (like with Pinochet in Chile when youth were tortured to death with CIA assistance - or the fairy-tale of the moon-landing, if ever these happenings were fakes), but in fact such things could almost never happen in reality.

I think the whole world is slowly but surely going mad. The great number of conspiracy-theories proves it. The more we don't understand the universal realities anymore, the more everybody seems to believe in conspiracies of any sort. The more unlikely the conspiracy is, the more it will be published in books, in newspapers (especially the Murdoch and other sand-in-the-eyes papers), in Scrap-TV or Hilarious-Radio of Murdoch, Springer and Berlusconi. Boulevard scrap makes consumers blind for reality and transforms them into consumer-machines, purchasing cheapness from Manchester Slavery in China and at the same time, this acting destroys working basis in Europe and USA - and thus creates unemployment, out of free will and short sight.

Never ever before, people have been - in the average - as dull as today. But here we have to make a distinction: The catastrophes provoked by human stupidity are destructing environment, air and water and create climate collapse and other disasters with main effect only tomorrow. On the other side are natural hazards like tsunamis, hurricanes, outbursts of volcanoes or earthquakes. These catastrophes are a completely different matter. The lamentations about the news of the day cover totally all the reasonable arguments with regard to long-term planning. We have replaced a hidden and true reality by a boulevardesk Hollywood-life of overwhelming fun and action the whole year long. Therefore, real facts are more and more replaced by funny news of highest dullness.

Any long-term views on reality are out of time - like never before. That's what I pretend in my writing, but no person worldwide can grasp its urgency. Therefore, folks, go on reading papers with the most artificial conspiracies eternally repeated - and wait for the times coming up when nothing in ecology, economy, politics and culture can cure humans collapses anymore. Days for such scenarios have started long ago, around 1975. Or was it even earlier? About the time Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo have written more reasonable matters as all today's pragmatic and everything accepting, but - at the same time - very unrealistic "thinkers and philosophers"?

I may mention here illusive chaps like Fukuyama and Huntington, banal Dan Brown and one-eyed Claire Berlinski, optimistic Jared Diamond, shine-wise Enzensberger, little-steps Susan George, short-sight-philosophers Sloterdjik, Habermas, Agamben, Levy, Chomsky, Fienkielkraut etc. - and the rest of "clear-minded" brains, seeing themselves as "philosophers", shouting banal idiocies in the wind since World War II. Do you really believe having a future under these intellectual conditions? Let's look out for better conspiracies… There is always a madness to be increased if "normal" folks just accept it.

However, we have become totally blind with regard to the universal chaos in economics, politics and culture, of which we do not understand one single percent of its real extent.

Rene Delavy
Author of "CHAOS" - "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov