State of affairs on May 2006 in Palestine and in Iran

- It is true that the war-criminal states: Germany, Austria, Japan and Italy should have solved the Jewish problem within their own borders as a prize for six million Jews tortured to death and killed some hundred million other nationals. But the consequences of ethnological slaughtering were stupidly exported in the Near East in order to simplify the situation in Europe after World War II.

- It is true that the world has decided to transfer the problem in the Middle East, allowing Israelis, with the help mainly of the US government, to play tricks upon the folks who lived there before (robbery of water and land, destruction of olive-groves, treatment of Arabs as humans of second class, gun-bullets against stones, disrespect of all human and legal rights of the Palestinians etc.). The chances left to Palestinians were in fact, to make themselves explode as living bombs. Soon, the situation will get out of control on the West Bank and in Gaza, and Palestinians will run over Israel with all weapons possible. The Israeli army could do nothing against this slaughtering.

- It is true that the hypocrisy about Sharon was a terrifying scandal and a distortion in history: Like no one else, Sharon has committed crimes in Beirut and in Palestine. He is responsible more than anyone for the whole Arab nations hating today the State of Israel. He pushed forward the Orthodox-Jewish villages and he is responsible for a new "Berlin Wall" around an artificially shrunk Rest-Palestine.

- It is true that the Western World did almost nothing to prevent such scenery - just as the one of the Iraqis and the Iranians. The USA assisted Saddam Hussein in killing about a million of Iranians and now wants still that this state should beg on its knees, confronting the most militarizes state in the world, full with atomic weapons to dictate in the future whereto energy stuffs should be transported. The spreading out of a dull Hollywood-mentality throughout the world and in the Arab countries in particular, is at the source of Bin Laden's al-Qaida and the horror of 9/11.

- It is true that the US-Americans should keep their mouth shut, having murdered only for ideological reasons three million of Vietnamese and Cambodians. They have assisted Pinochet and all other blood dictators in torturing their future intelligentsia to death. The USA has assisted Saddam Hussein in killing about one million Iranians in his gas-war by means of "intelligent" services rendered. In short: USA is responsible for the worst holocausts in the world since 1950 - and no one of the world press has seized it until this very day or has reported honestly on this severe state-of-affairs.

The crimes of globalisation and neo-liberalism will cause an economic, ecologic and cultural collapse for the future generations. The growing deprivation in most of the southern nations is caused by the same wrong thinking in organizing the present and the future state of mankind. We may be proud of our democracies. But let's face the formula "Democracy = dictatorship of dull majorities", be these majorities of National-Sozialists, Marxists or Republicans. They all had their vanities and they all are or will tumble in an emptiness of thoughts of a future that will offer almost no reasonable prospects.


- Bush and the USA : Be wise, dismiss all incompetent politicians and have the most intelligent person govern this hegemonic state.

- Putin and Russia : Be wise, you live in the potentially richest nation on Earth. Do not throw away all energy and oil away for an apple and an egg, to the disadvantage of all future generations. Handle human beings in your south with more ethics.

- Europeans: Stop this fight for more richness which kills the workers and the future of our children. Take it easy and start to think about the future chances that we should leave to the ones coming after us.

- Chinese government: Be wise. Stop this vanity for growth, ending in a future collapse. Just see that the over one billion people get food and good living instead of futuristic dreams.

- Bin Laden and Muslim nations: Stop this anachronistic mess with the Sharia, give back equal rights to women and children, do not throw your oil for an ecological catastrophe away, stop terrorism (have translated my attached study about "Private and state terrorism and the imperceptible terrorism in today's Chaos of living).

- Palestinians: Have pity on those who do not know what they are doing and save the future of your children by renouncing to revenge past times crimes.

- Israelis: Forget your terrible past and work for a better future in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Jews are known as intelligent. Use your brains for the right purposes.

Rene Delavy

Author of "Chaos" / "Power x Stupidity = Self destruction" / "Democracy = Dictatorship of dull majorities"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov