End Time Values. The Demise of America

Russian Christians now admit that the concept of human rights and liberties as advocated by America and the West has no application in contemporary Russia . That country is drowning in vices directly linked to the West’s concept of inherent rights and liberties: abortion; homosexuality; dissolution of traditional marriage; pornography; slavery, prostitution, and exploitation of the oppressed, etc. The Russian Orthodox now understand that such American “values” are, in fact, vices which harm every human society as a collective. Such American “rights” have not brought happiness. They represent the deviance of the cult of the individual. From my Third World perspective, I am amazed that some Americans continue to argue that America’s virtue is that it protects such “rights” (=vices).

I focus here on similarities between America and the Soviet Union, two rival systems which have collapsed. Both systems boasted some admirable ideals. There was a period of several decades in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when America offered immigrants numerous opportunities, which many citizens took advantage of. The Soviet record is more spotted. It took me some time to understand the Soviets’ rabid anti-religiousness. Why did the Soviets work so tirelessly to destroy traditional Russian culture, much of which is, in fact, oriented towards biblical Christian socialism? It came, of course, from the desire of Jews, the major component of Soviet communism, to take revenge upon Christian Slavs. A natural reaction, one might apologize, of history’s formerly powerless against the powerful. But might Soviet communism have “worked” without the Jews? Probably not, because so much of Soviet communism was based upon radical, indiscriminate violence (against Christians and others), something from which no good ever comes: a lesson to any Muslim listening. (Ends never justify means). The Soviet Union fell apart, such that Ole Soviet King Cole Putin, despite his many talents, has been unable to put it back together again.

We are now witnessing the demise of America. For decades, America successfully marketed its “values” throughout the world (accompanied often by hefty cash subsidies for corrupt, subservient regimes). The aims of the American ideology were no less ambitious than those of Soviet communism, and the Americans were victorious over the Soviets, for a couple of years anyway.

But after the collapse of the Soyuz, the shallowness of American values became evident throughout the world. It turns out now that American-style Brown’n’Root democracy does not, in fact, suit Iraq, a land long plagued by European colonialism and internal division. It is now clear that America never intended to export its American-style democracy to totalitarian regimes in Israel, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. American democracy is a sham, all double-talk, just like the Soviets’ spin on the fraternal brotherhood of nations.

Democracy for several generations now has not existed in America. The large corporations continue to increase their power, irregardless of the red or blue façade of the regime. The moral pedigree of a Clinton is as nasty as that of a Bush. As identified by a recent controversial study ignored by the American media, it is, indeed, a cabal of pro-Israeli groups which controls America’s purse-strings and foreign policy.

America is dying. I assure those Americans who still feel secure about a regular pay check, their job perks, vacations, company cars and cell phones, annual bonuses, benefits, government entitlements, U.S. dollar-based investments and accounts, etc etc., that their lifestyle is crumbling. There is no longer any right or logic in America’s prosperity. What gives Americans the right to consume the bulk of the world’s energy resources? By what right does an American drive a hummer while much of the rest of the world walks, rides bicycles, and commutes by public transportation? No longer can America’s traditional rights be excused. Those rights are mostly derived from a narrow, archaic Anglo-Saxon tradition: the “right” to carry (and use/abuse) firearms and the “right” to exploit land and natural resources for personal benefit. The American Middle Class has outlived its period of historical relevance and soon will be replaced, by Hispanics, India’s Indians, and Chinese. Those groups have no qualms about bearing and rearing children.

It is the twenty-first century. America is rat-infested history. America will fall, overrun by fatwah-inspired Muslims; wild, dispossessed, self-identified Apache or Aztec guerillas; looting, reparations-deluded African-Americans; indignant Eskimos; flaming cross-dressers and advocates of every sort of politically correct nonsense. History doesn’t last forever, and anyway, America had a couple of good centuries before it turned to cr*p.

Stojgniev O’Donnell
April 2006

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov