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Americans writing about Europe these days are full of malarkey. It’s true that parts of Europe are plagued by seemingly solution-less problems. Several of Europe’s former great powers are now populated by substantial minority populations which will never be assimilated. Curry has now become a staple of the Britons’ once legendarily bland diet. It seems likely that many English, Germans, French, and Dutch will eventually assimilate the culture and values of their respective minority populations.

Americans always have imagined themselves superior to Europeans, and that pretense evolved as a doctrine for some fundamentalist Protestants. I have had the opportunity to monitor publications for foreigners published by the American government – pure, though brilliant propaganda (but also, in the final analysis, of little benefit to America ). One recent publication talks about Europe’s “poverty, persecution, bigotry and kings,” with which the writer contrasts America’s “democracy and opportunity.” In reality, America’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb corporate democracy has little appeal for the rest of the world. Recent journalistic reports tell us that Chinese “yuppies” are not opposed to Chinese-style communism. Despite what American journalists have recently written, it appears that the educated adult population of Iran does not, in fact, secretly long for the American Dream. I can testify that the non-American world I have come to know feels a deep revulsion for America , its politics, and globalism.

With their sham “multiculturalism,” Americans cannot comprehend the rich diversity of European cultures. Diversity for an American means the choice of lunching at McDonalds, Burger King, or Whataburger. Europe’s varied cultures, languages and traditions represent a big headache for Americans. I imagine George W. cursing in moments of frustration the entire non-American world that doesn’t speak English and doesn’t share his own prejudices.

Europe is purely physical space, not a single culture or shared history. If there are indeed some pan-European values, those are things like a lifestyle more relaxed than that which Americans know. Europeans work to live, unlike Americans who live to work. Some Americans suppose that, since there is now a European Union, there must be a united Europe. But the fact is that the European Union is a disorganized political and administrative body which does not embrace the entire continent. Europe’s largest country, Ukraine, may never be admitted. America has aggressively lobbied (but for its own political and military interests) for the admission of Muslim Turkey to the Union, despite the fact that the bulk of that state lies beyond Europe’s traditional borders. (The Brits and Americans often in knee-jerk reaction promote Muslim Turkey at the expense of European Christians).

There are, nonetheless, some valid generalizations to be made about Europe. The continent is home to three major ethnohistorical groups: the Germanic nations (including England ), the Romance peoples, and the Slavs. The Celts once were a mighty civilization stretching across Europe, though in later history they were nearly exterminated by the English. The Greeks are also just a remnant (infused by “barbarian” blood) of what was once a powerful empire.

As demonstrated frequently throughout history, there is a dangerous downside to being a “great” civilization. Nations eventually pay for their sins. No great empire attains and maintains its power without committing injustice. Of the former great civilizations, the Italians today have done the best. They have managed to preserve much of their historical heritage, while finding a niche within the contemporary global society. The payback for colonialism is the great numbers of British and French citizens now unable to assimilate British and French culture.

Among the Germanic nations, there are Scandinavians, who likely will continue their relatively calm, orderly way of life. There are also the Germans, a nation I cannot understand. I admire aspects of German civilization and, perhaps even more, the immaculate cleanliness of great expanses of the German landscape. Yet history tells us that the Germans always shoot themselves in the foot. An example is their invitation of Muslim Turks as “guest workers” who clean Germany’s streets and restrooms and have no intention of assimilating as Germans. Why were the Turks invited? And why were other Europeans (other than a few from the Balkans) not invited? You tell me.

The Slavs hold some advantages over their neighbors. First, they never had an empire (ideologically, the Soviet Union was more about Jews and a Georgian than Slavs; that empire committed unimaginable crimes of genocide against Christian Slav Ukrainians and Poles). Secondly, the Slavs over long centuries have learned to endure the greatest tribulations, physical punishment, and persecution. The Slav female is hardy and beautiful, with blue-eyed blondes predominating. Culturally and religiously, there is considerable diversity, even division, among Slavs, yet the American pundits talking about Europe’s “spiritual bankruptcy” are not describing the Slavs. Nineteenth-century German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder described the Slavs as the future of Europe. An interesting characteristic is that, even with their common blond hair and blue eyes, Slavs never have thought or acted in terms of racialism. Throughout their history, Slavs willingly assimilated the most diverse human groups. Among their virtues are their genes.

Recent history, for centuries now, has been about the innovations and technology of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. But we are entering a new age, one of “regression” from a WASP perspective. The historical continuum of the space of power is shifting westward, from America now to China, a trend that has unfolded over centuries. The future powers, e.g. the Islamic world, China, the Hispanic Americas, are not about innovation, but about collective tradition. The victors of the immediate future are those nations which maintain the idea of a collective, e.g. a common religious, cultural, or linguistic identity. Like the communist Soviet Union, America with its propaganda about “multiculturalism,” globalism, and diversity, is a lie. America will fail because of the bankruptcy of its ideology.

The ultimate victory of radical Islam over America is assured by the common convictions of the world’s Muslim collective. Muslims know a shared system of values. America once had some sort of faith, but lost it after the 1960s, as America embraced relativism, political correctness, and hedonism. Even advocates of politically correct multiculturalism have pointed out that that ideology implies the ultimate bastardization of rich, unique human cultures, which have become distorted beyond recognition. America doesn’t celebrate human diversity, but works to undermine it. The final result of America’s distorted vision of multiculturalism is not a rainbow, but a vat of suspicious substance the color of excrement.

Radical Islam will defeat America. Much of the latter state, especially the lands once belonging to Mexico, will become predominately Hispanic (while English will continue to compete there with Spanish). China will become the world’s major power (though the seeds of China’s eventual downfall are seen in its ethnocentric totalitarianism and persecution of non-Chinese minorities). England, Germany, and France will wither away as political and cultural entities. Prominent British politicians will appear publicly in turbans, and Africans will come to dominate French culture. In Europe, the heritage of centuries of collective stamina will motivate the ever-enduring Slavs to advance across the continent, where they will promote a spiritually-based, non-materialistic culture.

Many believe the end of the world will begin in the Middle East, though there exists no blueprint for that scenario. Christianity has traditionally taught, despite what Americans believe, that the biblical book of Revelation is only an allegory, not a precise prophecy. Looking at current events, as Israel this week vows to continue the construction of its illegal wall of separation and as Iran publicly rebukes Israel and its shabas goy, America, it appears that Israel and Iran are the two wild cards of world destruction. What will happen in the Middle East is not a battle between Good and Evil. It will be a struggle between two forces of evil, radical Islam versus Israel and America. There are no innocents there.

Stojgniev O’Donnell

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov