US terrorist attack massacres Iraqi civilians

Saturday, Aitha, 48 kilometres south of Mosul, a USAF F-16 precision-guided a 500 lb. bomb straight into a house full of civilians. The owner of the house has claimed that 14 people were murdered in this terrorist attack, seven of these being children. The US admits only five.

The US military has admitted blame in this incident, claiming that the bombing was "accidental", during an attempt to capture an anti-Iraqi force cell leader. In the statement, the US military sources claimed that this house was not the target.

It is an interesting way to capture a suspect, dropping a 500 lb bomb on him.

Ali Yousef, the owner of the house, stated that the attack happened at 2.30 on Saturday morning and that after the incident, the area had been cordoned off for four hours, while all information was suppressed. Seven children, four women and three men lost their lives in this terrorist attack, according to Ali Yousef and an Associated Press reporter. The US military put the number at just five.

As usual, there is a discrepancy between what the US military claim and what the eye-witnesses report but after all the spin and the blatant lies, does anyone believe a word Washington says any more?

Whether it is five or 14, the fact is that innocent civilians, sleeping in their home in their own country, were murdered in a terrorist precision-bomb attack by invading armed forces. If this is winning hearts and minds, if this is spreading freedom and democracy, nobody is impressed.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov