“To the brutal go the spoils!”

60 years ago the Battle of the Bulge was raging.  19,000 American soldiers were killed in the five week battle.  Over 60,000 were wounded.  The battle occurred at a time most Americans thought the war was won. 

The Hun was beaten!  American industry was shifting to a peacetime footing and soldiers were betting they would be home by Christmas.  But out of forest and snow came 600,000 unbeaten and highly motivated German troops to engage the ill prepared and green Americans.  The 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions were thrown into the gauntlet lacking weapons, ammunition and winter clothing. 

Only courage, determination and an “up yours” attitude allowed the Americans and British to eventually win the day.
One battle.  19,000 dead.  To date we have lost 1300 soldiers in Iraq in a war that began 20 months ago.  Even coupled with our losses in Afghanistan, there is no comparison in carnage. 
What have we received for spilled American blood?  That's a difficult question for those that rely on the mainstream media. 

A little digging  would reveal the following; over 50 million citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq are now free, families are no longer dragged from their homes to be imprisoned, tortured and executed by secret police, fathers no longer have to watch their daughters and wives being raped because they angered the wrong Saddam henchman, women no longer fear being dragged behind a building to be stoned by Taliban men, women can vote!

Moreover, one final but seldom acknowledged fact; there have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11/01.

There are parallels between our current involvement in Iraq and World War II. Liberals and Bush haters like to say that democracy cannot be imposed on a country.  History proves them wrong.  Both Germany and Japan had democracy imposed on them.  The ground was not fertile for a democracy.  Neither country had a history of elected representative government.  They were familiar with kings and emperors who had ultimate authority.  It was five years after the war before Germany was released from Allied oversight.  Seven years for Japan.

Members of the Democrat leadership state the war in Iraq is unnecessary because Iraq never attacked us.  Germany never attacked us.  Japan did.  However knowing the Germans were the more dangerous advisory, we chose to take the main fight to Germany.  Divisions heading for Europe got the pick of weapons and men.  Those headed for the pacific received what was left over.

Another 'ave' of the liberals is to argue that since we have found no WMD, we have no business being in Iraq.  In truth WMD was only part of the reason we went into Iraq.  Humanitarian reasons were also given.  Saddam was killing tens of thousands of his countrymen.  Several mass graves have been discovered and unearthed.  Over 300,000 corpses were found in those graves.  These civilians died not because of war, but at the direction of Saddam.  Apparently these liberals and Bush haters would have felt the same regarding the Nazis and the slaughter of millions of civilians.  No need to fuss; Germany didn't attack us!

History does not often offer humanity a second chance.  Isolationism, lack of preparation and prejudice leading up to WW II cost the world millions of innocent lives.  What if we had moved faster to stop Hitler after he attacked Poland?  What if we had strengthened our Pacific fleet when Japan invaded China?

It is horrible that good people must die to stop tyrants and thugs, but that is reality.  Even Biblical armies, blessed by God, suffered defeats and spilt blood.   Based upon what the liberals are telling us, no amount of blood being spilled is worth defending good people.  Their rallying cry should be, “To the brutal go the spoils!”.  

David Worden
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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov