A good week for freedom

Last week was a good week for Iraq and a bad week for terrorism in the Middle East.
US Marines, US Army and the Iraqi military, captured Fallujah with blinding speed, sending over 1000 Iraqi and foreign terrorists to greet their 72 virgins in paradise.  In addition, Yasser Arafat, the father of international terrorism, died after an infamous career of worldwide terrorism.  He too joined his comrades in Islamic heaven.
I really hope Yasser and his boys are having fun up there.  That is a lot of virgins, at least 72072 by my count just for last week’s dead terrorists.  So I have to ask:  Where do all these virgins come from?  Virgins-R-Us?  I’mavirgin.com?
I for one am glad Arafat and the rest of the terrorist thugs in Fallujah are dead.  I guess this sounds cruel to the liberal appeasers and pacifists out there reading this column, but Arafat was a butcher responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children during his lifetime of terrorist activity.
Arafat is also indirectly responsible for every terrorist act by Islamic extremists that have occurred since the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.  His terrorist techniques and teachings became the norm for future terrorist attacks in the Middle East and around the world.  Hence his unofficial title of the “Father of Modern Terrorism”.
Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak offered Arafat the deal of his lifetime at Camp David in the summer of 2000, offering him 90 percent of the land he demanded during negotiations.  Arafat turned down the offer and instead continued his life long goal of trying to destroy Israel by using his patented terrorist tactics.
Arafat chose his personal vendetta against Israel over the pursuit of a free Palestinian state, letting down his own people, which in turn led to the killing of more innocent Israeli victims.  Instead of becoming a statesman who could help his people, he chose the path of a murderer.
And now thankfully he is gone.  However, dying peacefully, while in a coma in France, is a much too humane way for such a butcher to die.  Arafat should have died in the electric chair, by the hangman's noose or by an Israeli snipers headshot long ago. 
Now leftists in the French government are thinking of naming streets for Arafat.  I guess that is par for the course.  What more would you expect from the French?
I am also glad there are 1000 less terrorist to worry about in Iraq.  The Iraqi terrorists have killed hundreds if not thousands of their own people.  They are responsible for the violent execution of foreign hostages including the recent execution of Margaret Hassan, the Director of Care International in Iraq.
Of course her murder received very little attention in the Arabic press.  Why isn't Al-Jazeera television showing the tape they received of Ms. Hassan execution?  Are they afraid of the anti-terrorist backlash it would create if they showed the killing of an Iraqi woman to their Arabic audience?  They have been more than willing to show the execution of other male hostages.  Why the sudden change?
All in all this has been a good week and I hope the Marines and Army troops continue their fine work and continue giving me good news to cheer about.
On a personal note, my new column in Pravda debuted last week.  I think a few Pravda readers are upset that a conservative dare invade their liberal sanctuary.  Judging from the hateful emails I have received over the past week, I would say that some of you would like me to stop writing for Pravda.  A few of you would even like me to join Yasser Arafat and the rest of the dead terrorists in Islamic La-La Land.
I hate to disappoint my critics, but I intend on staying around for a while longer.  I really like to upset liberals around the world with my writing and do not really care to meet Yasser’s virgins, no matter how beautiful they may be. Besides, I am happily married.
I also received many good emails.  In total, I have received well over 200 emails since my column appeared in Pravda last week. At least 70 percent of the emails I received were supportive compliments from fellow conservatives around the world.  I would like to thank everyone who sent me his or her support.
For those of you who sent whining, sniveling, crying, rude, liberal emails:  You made my point about liberals.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work.  
Steve Darnell

Send comments to [email protected]  he enjoys the whining and crying.

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Author`s name Steve Darnell