Open letter to Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Our paths crossed four years ago; let us hope this time the occasion is happier

Dear Dr. Rice,

In first place, many congratulations on your appointment as Secretary of State, a position which places you as the Chief Diplomat of your country and which brings you onto the world stage as the representative of your country's foreign policy.

You may remember that our paths crossed four years ago when I discovered some russophobic comments you had made previously and mentioned them in an article, which produced a furious reaction from your office. One hopes that now that you have had four years to calm down, your stance will not be abrasive and intrusive as it was then and that you will basically mind your own business.

One fears that such will not be the case, that soon we will have snide comments about democracy and human rights with the Russian Federation, which will of course create unnecessary tensions between the two countries at a time when the international community needs to pull together.

One requests that you stand up to the more hawkish elements in the Bush regime rather more vigorously than your predecessor, because the world of diplomacy is about debate, dialogue and discussion, the fundamental principles of democracy. It is not about bullying, blackmail and belligerence, interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, launching illegal wars, committing shocking acts of butchery and mass murder and breaking practically every norm in the book, all in the name of barefaced lies.

You will understand that your responsibility lies not only unto your administration, but also unto the international community, since you and your country are part of it. Whether you like it or not, you are bound by the rule of law, by the fundamental principles of international law, by the documents your country has signed and failure to comply with these pledges constitutes a crime, in the case of Iraq, war crimes.

Dr. Rice, I would urge you on the first day of your appointment to listen carefully to the current of world public opinion. This current was forged upon an Axis of Reason, between Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and Brasilia, among others, speaking out for the need to resolve crisis management issues in the proper forum of law, which is the UN Security Council, not outside it.

I believe if the United States of America abides by this simple and binding principle, you will be able to play your part in bringing Washington back into the hearts and minds of the international community, which practices the precepts of Freedom and Democracy and which is tired of the Shock and Awe diplomacy of the United States of America.

With my very best regards,
Good luck for your period in office,

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Author`s name Olga Savka