The next four Bush years

This past election was not about America, it is about a protracted war(s).  It is about aggression.  It is about American supremacy and expansionism.

The American elections are over and I remind the readers that I predicted the outcome of this election 6 months ago.  Not  that I have some form of psychic talents, but the path paved to the White House , again, was already in place.  Through manipulation, falsehoods, and the new American attitude of aggressive agendas, hostility towards a larger world and the American need to vent its own frustrations on others.

Irregularities are being reported in the voting machines – as I predicted we would see.

Nobody in this past election talked about bringing American jobs back home, or closing the tax loop holes that allow 311 billions dollars due the US to find its way back into the very large pockets of the very high and mighty 4% of America.  Why would Bush bring jobs back – his policies sent them overseas.

This past election was not about America, it is about a protracted war(s).  It is about aggression.  It is about American supremacy and expansionism.  Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the United States was looking for a reason to blow Russia off the face of the map because the Unites States saw competition on the whole ‘we own the world’.  Now, with no competition, the United States is asserting the American way through supremacy and aggressive posturing. 

It is not about conservative values, for if it were then the focus would be on making America better for the citizens of the United States.  But such talk is branded as hated liberalism – even by the same people adversely affected by the lay-offs, job losses through globalize marketing, and an economy that is limping without a full recovery.

It was a campaign of four more years of war against a ghost – or more specifically, Arab nationalism.  If America is so strong because of the past administration, then why are Americans buy firearms in quantities never seen before in history – since 9/11?  How can the average American say that the world is safer when they themselves feel so fearful that they need to carry a gun? 

If the world is safer why Bush is building a missile defense system pointed right at Moscow?  Remember, he said he had warm and friendly relations with Putin.  But, we wonder why Putin is taking steps to refortify Russia.  These two indicators are not exactly a suggestion of this warm and friendly sort of diplomacy.  

Bush stated there would be no military draft; he has said he is going to protract the war in the Middle East.  He’s never answered how he is going to maintain the US military strength.  – Military recruiting is just not cutting it, the numbers are getting too low, there are too many people saying they will not reenlist.  Of course, in 1999, Bush stated without reservation he supported and would continue the assault weapons ban and we see where that promise led.  What is America going to say when the sons and daughters are inducted, sent overseas running the risk of coming back in a body bag? 

Bush is talking about a tax cut but he has never once explained how he is going to do that with a deficit the likes this country has never seen.  I did hear rumblings that he is considering a 23.5 percent Federal sales tax.  The American way cannot be supported with less money, it demands more money if we want to keep our highways in good order, our social services, and the retention of military members. 

It appears to the world that America has spoken, and that presents some other problems as well as the world has judged America by it's actions for the words aren't back by anything of concrete, stuck in stone, except for Bush's stated protraction of a war the world has deemed wrong.  American aggression is what the world sees. 

What will life be like four years from now if we continue as we are?  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have a sinking gut level feeling.   I am not alone either.  What does one think when one hears friends saying they are moving to Israel where they will be safe?  Why did the Canadian government state that Americans leaving the country will not be given preferential treatment?  If the outlook for the next four years is so wonderful why has New Zealand said immigrants are welcome?  Are there Americans who are very concerned for the future and their own well being, or have they said that things are getting too crazy, too violent and completely out of hand? 

Americans absolutely love throwing obscenities at others – language unfit for a stable boy.  Is this the intelligent American, or a belligerent and narcissistic nation filled to the brim with people who are so angry, so very angry? However if one speaks against America with the same language, we’re ready to kill them. We brand them as blasphemous anti-Americans.  But look at what we say openly about countries such as France, or members of the Canadian Parliament who open say: “Americans, I hate those bastards”.  

There are observers that say America is moving towards isolationism, there are calls from the neo-cons to walk outof the United Nations.  How then can America engage in wars, threats and actions without facing some retaliation?  Is this a matter of America reserves the right to blast another nation into oblivion and we cannot be touched because we are divorced from the world?  Who elected America the dictator of the globe anyhow? Never mind, America elected itself.  

Is this what America wants?  Apparently so.  If the elections weren’t rigged, then America has elected the right man for the job.  The history of Germany 1932 through 1945 is being rewritten, the names have changed, the country of origin has changed, but the attitudes are the same, the morals are the same, and the rhetoric and actions are not all that different. 

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov