Marriage or Divorce?

Last-minute decisions could welcome Washington back into International Community

Everyone can make a mistake, because to err is to be human and since Biblical times, mankind has told stories about the return of the prodigal son. Right now, as the seconds are ticking by, we behold once again one of those special moments, turning points in history and this time, it is the
collective responsibility of the citizens of the United States of America to choose between marriage to the international community of nations, or divorce from it.

George Bush has had what could be described as the worst four years in the history of the Presidency of his country. Not only has he failed to deliver across the board on what he promised his people, he has also driven a wedge between America and the international community by disrespecting the norms of international law, lying and using forgery to justify an illegal war which had nothing whatsoever to do with the reasons he gave when he lied through his teeth to his people and to the world.

How telling it now is when his campaign boils down to statements such as "Whether you agree with me or not, at least you know where I stand". Yes, we do know where he stands and if people disagree with him, why in the name of God should they be voting for him?

A vote for Bush is a vote against the collective will of the rest of mankind. The rest of the world does not want George Bush as President of the USA because he does not confine himself to his own country, he meddles where he is not called. Basically, he has given the rest of the world a right to have a say in what should be an internal election. The bottom line outside the USA is "butt off and butt out".

A vote for Bush is a vote for the continuation of insecurity. Did the Bush regime deliver on their obligations prior to 9/11? No, they did not. Is the USA any safer after four years of the Bush presidency? No, it is not. Is the Middle East more stable? No, it is totally destabilized.

Did Iraq have anything to do with international terrorism? Before Bush meddled, no. After Bush meddled, yes.

A vote for Bush is a vote for more war, more killing, more deaths of innocent civilians, more deaths of US troops, more division in the international community.

What is needed today is to vote for a fresh start, a change of direction but with expediency and responsibility. Voting for Bush is voting for more of the same. A vote for Kerry at least gives the world the chance to take a breather, dialogue together and find a way forward, with responsibility and cool-headedness, two things which George Bush and his clique of super rich elitists are incapable of.

A vote for George Bush is a vote for irresponsibility, recklessness, mass murder and criminal negligence.

This time tomorrow, I would dearly like to write the words: "Welcome back, friends".

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov