The American elections draw near

With the American elections only 24 hours away, there will be only one clear winner and that will be Bush

It is not about his ability to lead, it is about a flawed and manipulated election process. It is about corruption at the highest level to insure Bush will win, regardless of how the votes will be counted or where they will be counted.

I have informed the PRAVDA.Ru readership about the serious and flaunted programming errors in the electronic voting machines.  It is about the state of Florida where Bush's brother is governor and the legal battles already starting before the election has happened.

It is about money – not Bin Laden or Iraq.  The class differences in America are widening even sharper with the upper crust gaining wealth, and the lower class losing more and more each day.

It is not about the security of the United States – for if it were, we would have taken steps decades ago. 

Europe is speaking out, the Middle East is speaking out – and it all falls on deaf ears in terra firma Americana.  It is about American bloated, self serving, narcissistic and belligerent self image and how America perceives itself in this world.

Americans will love to tell you that America does not need the world, but the world needs the US.  With most of American manufacturing now moved overseas, and the globalization economy, perhaps the United States might seriously review their less than level stance. 

Americans will love to tell you that the whole world lives under American protectionism.  By what do they gauge other countries attitudes?  Does one remember the phrase “Yankee go home”?  France is doing quite nicely without American protection.  Maybe there are countries that do not want the American military stationed in their country.  But, they love the American money pouring in and that builds quiet resentments.  Why not just leave and send us a check like you do with so many other countries is an appropriate question.

This election is frightening a number of other countries for they fear American unilateral military occupation, war, and the prospects of an America gone rouge.  But fear of America is what the United States wants, working towards, and desires – they have this all in one man named Bush.  America wants to be the world leader in all matters and will try and do so at the point of a bomb, a rifle, a US tank.

It is not about democracy when America sold out American workers. 

It is not about freedom when American's own freedoms are being curtailed and smothered. 

It is not about human rights either, for more Americans are losing their health benefits and the cost of medical treatment is beyond the means of mortal man.   
It is not about making our planet safe, for the United States has snubbed the Kyoto Agreement under the auspices of it costing American jobs and it would cost too much.  Try even finding a job in America, so I think we can rule that out of the equation.  So it comes down to money - never mind that the rest of the world is willing to pay the price, only America has the opt-out choice.

It is about America gone power mad.  Bush is making this possible for his far and extreme right wing kind. 

It is about a Texan who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.  What can we expect, 3 million more jobs being sold out – what does he care, he is a multi-millionaire.   More deaths in American military slug fests – what does he care, his daughters will never see service in a hostile confrontation.  He admits he belongs to the party of the haves and have more of.

It is about his inner circle, their financial holdings and what is good for them.  He bought the last election and he has bought this election too. 

America loves to tell other countries to butt out of American affairs – but we do not stop manipulating other countries affairs. When they protest, we tell them to shut up and we install a new government.  Americans respond with seething rants and obscenities when other countries point out American faults and we love to ram their faults down their throats. 

The rest of the world fears this election, and fear breeds hatred.  Hatred breeds actions.  The world fears Bush being reelected – not because he is making the world unsafe for terrorists, it is Bush they are afraid of. 

America will be further judged when Bush is reelected – as if the American image can slip any lower. 

America does not care about its image, or the world opinions.  This is foolish, America. 

It would take a miracle for Kerry to be elected because Bush has already bought another four years in the oval office.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Olga Savka