Pervert-Justice is back in the news again

Perverted Justice ( is a US vigilante group that claims to be the forefront of exposing pedophiles on the internet. 

On the surface that is.

The group uses personas trolling the net posing as unashamed teen age girls over the age of majority looking for sex.

Once they get a nibble from some guy, perverted-justice sets one trap after another against the guy.  Once they have what they call evidence, they post the guy's name and demographics on the internet.  They write and call the guy’s neighbors and employer and destroy the guy’s life entirely.  They do so without the permission of law enforcement.

The group's founder, who goes by Xavier von Erck, Angry German, or Phillip John Edie, seems to get quite a bit of amusement of the whole business of vigilante ‘hang ‘em high’ style of public execution in the cyber world.  He was once asked how he'd feel if one of his target committed suicide. If I recall his attitude was much akin to ‘so what’ – even if it was a wrongfully accused.

There are groups that are rising to assist in dethroning Edie and put searching for pedophiles back in the hands of trained law enforcement, and, out of the hands of self styled vigilante groups like,, and are the groups who are leading the fight and educating people about the dangers of the vigilante perverted-justice. is at the forefront of exposing pervert-justice for what it really is.

This writer had done several articles on perverted-justice, and apparently they took great exception to my essays.  About two weeks after my articles were published, one evening, my phone rang. This teen-age sounding girl addressed me by my name and asked me if I was going to be on-line that night.

I asked her who she was and why she was calling – as I do not give out my phone number. She mumbled a name and asked again if I was going to be on-line that night.

My response was: “I don’t know who you are, and I certainly did not ask you to call me”. I also added that I am never ‘on-line’ in the evenings. I hung up.

A day later, same routine, same teenager sounding voice, and asking the same questions and addressing me by my first name. I simply said: “It seems that you want me to log on and go into an inter-net chat, right? Well, yes, she said. I only said: “I will not play these games with perverted-justice”, and she very rapidly hung up.

About a week later, some guy calls and again addresses me by my first name and told me we had chatted on the internet awhile back. No, I said I do not do inter-net chat and I hung up.

This guy was persistent – he called back within about 30 minutes. Same routine. This time I said: “You’re from perverted-justice aren’t you?” He stuttered a couple of times and hung up.

Why would I get 4 phone calls and when the name perverted-justice came up, they hang up?

Perverted justice, it appears, targets their critics. Unfortunately for perverted-justice, I don’t use any form of instant messaging or ‘chat’.  Why?  Because of this very scenario and I will never go on-line for any sort of chat.  There is a program called ‘Trillion’ which will keep a full log file, if someone is going to do on-line chat, use this program as a way of protecting yourself.    
"These investigator wannabes think it's so easy to go into a chat room and just start talking, and for them it is, because they have no goals in mind other than humiliating someone and getting media attention," said Julie Posey, a Colorado activist who has worked with police in chat-room stings for eight years and helped convict more than 70 men.
Perverted justice’s mafia style execution of a maybe/maybe not pedophiles is putting the guy’s picture, demographics and a copy of what pj claims is a chat log to prove the guy’s innocence.  Edie, the group’s leader, claims he should be able to say anything he wants.  This is evident in the selective editing of the chat logs, which he admits to doing - editing.  The larger implications are that the chat might never have occurred as they are presenting. 

“Perverted Justice does not post the original private message. The posting is an altered version, and they do not post the chat room conversation leading up to the private message.  There is no way to determine whether the person or the Perverted Justice operator initiated the conversation.” 

A perverted justice vigilante ‘sluts’ could claim that they are over 18, or 21, and trolling in an adult chat room, lure a victim and carry on a chat.  But the ‘edited’ chat log would show the innocent flower said she was 14, long before any sex talk happened.  This crosses the boundary straight into entrapment.  Does this concern perverted justice, none in the least that I could see. 

I did some under cover work investigating the group.  The people I met were rage filled, quick to lash out, and with language that is too inappropriate for anyone who claims to be a ‘professional’ as the members would like to see themselves.  I did not find anyone who had law enforcement credentials and or investigative training.  Any suggestions of a more moderate MO, and the writer is shredded to bits by the angry mob.  The perverted justice group had sent me two rather intimidating messages when I suggested that when they get a ‘hit’, everything should be turned over to law enforcement.

I also found no evidence of any protocol to deal with a wrongfully accused person.  I did read the logs of one of their busts gone bad – and what I read is beyond words.  This cyber mob comes at their victim from all different directions, firing off questions and accusations faster than the person can address them, they twist words around as the poor person is trying to answer in turn, and this is just the start.  This method is interrogation is classified as hostile interrogation design to confuse the accused.

Even if a person can prove they are innocent, once his information is posted on the perverted-justice site, the damage is done forever.  I saw no protocol on the perverted-justice site to help vindicate the wrongfully accused.  I saw no statement of honesty on their web site – without honesty, what is a person to think?  I do know, though, that they reserve the right to say anything they want which renders truth into an abstraction.

It would seem that they are in for a ‘kill’ and that is what matters most.  And what if the wrongfully accused commits suicide?  I think the group’s leader’s ‘so what’ attitude says it best.  In a direct quote: “Specifically, people like to ask me, `How would you feel if someone committed suicide?'" Von Erck/Edie says. "My answer is, and will always be ... `Fine.'"   It appears it is not justice they seek, but the kill, and all else is irrelevant.

The group is moving into Canada, and this could become a US state department issue very, very quickly.  Canada does not want perverted-justice in their midst, but according to the group’s leader Edie/Erck: "The (age of consent) of 14 in Canada should be considered ridiculous by anyone's estimation," says the administrator, a 25-year-old native of Portland, Ore., who calls himself Xavier Von Erck. "Online, pedophiles are very organized, and they trade tips on how to meet young kids ... unfortunately, especially in Vancouver, B.C., Canada is the growing answer for American pedophiles."  Perverted-justice is going in anyway forcing their way on the citizens of another country.

Perverted justice internal dissenters are shun and banned – and run the greater risk of now becoming the hunted by the pj vigilantes.  Because perverted-justice makes no claim otherwise, it is safe to assume you could be next. I did see a ‘chat log’ where one of their elite was asking that her name be pulled from the perverted justice ‘busts’, etc.  The response from their leader was calling the woman: “F**** stupid”.

During my under cover work, I went in with an open mind.  What I found has convinced me that the group is working towards being cyber-terrorists.  Because of the rage and anger I saw, I have to question the group’s emotional well being.  Are these people who have arrested development or border line personality disorder?  Are they refusing to deal with their internal demons and instead projecting those demons outwards?   Have they crossed the line into more aberrant behavior and mental health?

Disobeying the law and seeing nothing wrong with that is schizoid.  Schizoid is not an emotional issue, but a documented mental illness.

Police officers, who are engaged in LAWFUL pursuit of child predators, undergo a psychiatric evaluation first to see if they can hold up to the very vileness.  If a police officer start faltering, they are reassigned, and work with mental health professionals.  Perverted justice does not do this and I wonder how many of them are getting more unstable as time passes – this should be a concern for everyone because the drop into psychosis is very difficult to treat and is usually unsuccessful.

Some of the perverted-justice people have kids of their own.  Does the question now become how can they teach their children ethics if they have none?  If the parent has emotional problems they are teaching their children to avoid dealing with problems and using those problems as a dagger pointed at someone else’s throat.  This should be a concern to the Child Protection people.   The parents are passing on emotional problems and emotionally motivated retaliation to their own children.

It is human nature to hate what we are most jealous of – it’s been that way since the invention of dirt.  What is the larger question now looming?   Are these people secretly hiding a sexual aberrancy?  Is this their way of fighting a twisted psyche?

People in the criminal element also create ‘covers’ to mask their deeds.  AL Capone claimed he was a plumbing salesman.  Sammy Gravano had a string of construction companies.  What then of perverted justice’s leader?  Is it possible that he created a cover to hide bad deeds?   His web site says nothing about that....  Who would suspect him because on the surface he appears to be waging a war?

I have seen how perverted justice goes after their targets – I also know that the Marquee De’ Sade’s actions led to the definition of a mental illness called sadism.

I also would question the group’s integrity and moral character – they all hide behind fake names.  If they are the righteous, why the false face?  They claim they have police endorsement – surely then they would be afforded police protection.  They will not come forth and telling us who they are and where they live.  Does this indicate their bravado is only skin deep and they do sit in a silent terror of ‘pay back’?  The answer is self evident.

Are they so afraid of the justice they mete out now coming full circle?  The answer is self evident.

I got an e-mail from one woman whose son had been falsely accused – he was brought to trial, and found innocent.  She wanted a referral to a civil trial lawyer to extract compensation from perverted justice. 

Carl Adolph Dorf

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov