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Michael Moore with his down to earth humor, offered everyone a pair of underwear if they registered to vote. The Republican Party is trying to bring an indictment against Moore for influencing voters so it seems. The attempt, if the import is true, which would not surprise anyone, by the Republicans, will fall flat as Moore is not endorsing any candidate, he is encouraging people to register and vote – period.

In the more quiet undertones, there are rumors that the Republicans are also trying to bring an indictment against Michael Moore for Treason.  Apparently the Republicans want to believe that he divulged classified information in a time of war, in his movie Fahrenheit 911.  Moore used public domain news reels and footage in the making of the movie.  Secondly, our military conflict is a police action and not a declared war.  No formal declaration of war was made by either Iraq or the United States.

The movie Fahrenheit 911 is a must see.  This writer gives it two thumbs up.  The movie assigns responsibility to where it belongs, the current administration.  Moore's detractors want to suggest that the movie is a “Bush Bashing' – it is not about Bush, it is about a president who knew too much and did too little.  It could be any president who held the Oval Office at the time of 9/11 – it is not Bush, it is about the person who sits in the oval office.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov